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From More Gaming Gals To Wii In High Def: News Roundup 30th June

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This Tuesday sees some great gaming news. Girls now make up more of the gaming population, the PS3 may be able to once again play PS2 games and Nintendo's plan for world dominance moves further ahead.

Rise Of The Females

From More Gaming Gals To Wii In High Def: News Roundup 30th June

Nintendo’s effort to further better our lives through the Wii and the DS has brought about a welcome change in gaming; female participation! Thanks to games such as Wii Fit, everyone’s Mum and even their Mum own a Nintendo Wii. The Gamer Segmentation 2009 report carried out by the NPD group has found the amount of females making up the game market has increased, from 23% in 2008 to 28% in 2009 in the console gaming category.

This increase is largely credited to Nintendo, with their emphasis on games devoted to life-skills and self-improvement. The gamer segmentation report indicates these games provide a gateway for females into other games, increasing the size of the core gaming market. The gaming industry has latched onto this dedicating more games solely to the female market, which is still rapidly expanding. Next on the Wii -Wii Birth: How to care for and raise your baby[1UP]

Halo To Work With Project Natal

From More Gaming Gals To Wii In High Def: News Roundup 30th June

Bungie president Harold Ryan has recently expressed his interest in enabling Halo to work with Microsoft’s motion-based control system Project Natal. Bungie, who are currently working on Halo: Reach, to be released in 2010, have been keen to incorporate Project Natal as a control system. The details on how this will work remain to be seen.  [Gamespy]

PS3 To Play PS2?

From More Gaming Gals To Wii In High Def: News Roundup 30th June

One of the biggest complaints aimed at the PS3 is its inability to play any of the hundreds of games released for the PS2. The PS2 contained a core chip known as the ‘Emotion Engine’ and Sony have now apparently got the technology required to emulate this engine using the PS3 hardware. Thus allowing backwards compatibility and saving us all room under our televisions. Rumors also suggest rather than releasing this emulator in the form of a downloadable update, Sony are holding off to release the rumored PS3 Slim with full-backwards compatibility.  [Siliconera]

Wii HD Could Kill Competition

From More Gaming Gals To Wii In High Def: News Roundup 30th June

Wedbush Morgan has released a report examining the state of the videogame industry. The report speculates that were the Wii able to support HD technology by the end of next year, it could ruin Sony and Microsoft’s chance of a comeback. The report goes on to say that Nintendo could potentially wait until the cost of building a console with similar specifications to the Xbox 360 is low enough, then they could release it at around $199.

The console should at least include backwards compatibility with Wii games, also including a hard drive as well as additional functionality and features. If Nintendo can achieve this it will allow them to port a lot of existing 360 games onto their console. If Nintendo could obtain licenses such as GTA this would convince consumers “that it would be the last console they would ever need to purchase”.  [VG427]

Worms 2 Hits XBLA

From More Gaming Gals To Wii In High Def: News Roundup 30th June

Blowing worms up using virtually every weapon that has ever existed never gets old. Probably why Team 17 has seen fit to release Worms 2: Armageddon again on Xbox Live Arcade. Released on the 1st of July for 800 Microsoft points (equivalent to around £6.80) you can once again destroy armies of worms using guns, bombs and even exploding sheep.  [1UP]

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