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Garry's Mod Bug Hits Pirates, Mockery Ensues

Carl Phillips
Games news, Garry's Mod, mockery, Piracy
Garry's Mod Bug Hits Pirates, Mockery Ensues

The Half Life 2 cast, collectively mocking pirates everywhere.

Some users of well-known Source engine sandbox title Garry’s Mod have recently been complaining of a bug in the software as they have been unable to “shade polygon normals.” The complaints, set off by creator Garry Newman posting on Twitter asking if people were having said issue with his product, have been building up on the official forums.

However, Newman made a confession a short while later that he put in the bug himself, and it’s only effecting a specific bunch of people; those that obtained the title illegally.

Just enabled this error in GMod today. It happens when you pirated it. Having fun watching people complain.

Pretty sneaky, eh? It doesn't end there though. Because the user's Steam ID is posted within the error code that appears, and because the pirates have pasted it on the official forums in an effort to get help, Newman has been able to cross reference the information and unleash a little developer justice on his end. Kudos to Mr Newman for actually coming up with a way of tackling the pirates effectively, instead of using hideous DRM that hurts legitimate buyers, as Good Old Games testified to earlier today.

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Steve  Apr. 13, 2011 at 13:40

Didn't the PC version of Arkham Asylum do something similar to this a while back?

RebelNine  Apr. 13, 2011 at 14:03

Nicely done... especially the bait & switch with the tweet!

Robovski  Apr. 13, 2011 at 14:33

Yeah, you couldn't glide. Hilarious and effective.


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