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Garza: 'There's A Split' Between Japanese And Western Devs

Matt Gardner
Ninja Gaiden 3, Peter Garza, Team Ninja, Tecmo Koei

Garza: 'There's A Split' Between Japanese And Western Devs

Talking to GamesIndustry.biz at Eurogamer over the weekend, Tecmo Koei localisation producer Peter Garza has said that he feels there is a split between Eastern and Western games developers.

'I definitely see a split between standard Japanese game developers and Western developers,' said Garza. 'It's going to be hard for them to completely merge. Seeing and hearing both sides sometimes I wonder about how this gap is going to get closed. Games in Japan exist in a different space for entertainment than in the West. Games in the West are very much going for that cinematic experience. Games in Japan are pretty much equated with toys. They're playthings.'

Garza's words come recently after the outspoken Shinji Mikami once again trashed Japanese development, casting new aspersions of doom. Garza say he'd like to see Japanese developers take a few cues from their Western counterparts, but acknowledges that the cultural environments are completely different.

'I think what I would like to see more of is what the top people at Team Ninja have done, which is to look at Western games and try to work out why things are moving in that direction. What is cool about that immersive experience.

'What I worry about is whether that would be accepted in the West, because for users in the West there seems to be a perception of Japanese games: Japanese games are X. You shouldn't be trying to do this immersive stuff, we want numbers and gauges and combo hits and all fun stuff that we've grown up with. That's what you make because you're Japanese.

'If a Japanese creator doesn't want to make that, because their passion is somewhere else, then hopefully Western gamers would be open to seeing that kind of approach and being more open minded.'

It is something, he says, that the entire team have tried to incorporate into their research, playing through Western games in order to then feedback into their own projects.

'So the director and the producer, they've played Dead Space. They've played Portal, Portal 2. They have discussions about how it's really cool when GlaDos is talking about this or that in Portal 2. They're aware of Western games. We've definitely tried to use what works in terms of game designs - trying to make a more immersive experience. With Ninja Gaiden 3 that's definitely one of the goals.'

Check out Jon's hands-on preview of Ninja Gaiden 3 here.


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