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Tell Gearbox What You Thought Of Duke Nukem Forever

Matt Gardner
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Duke Nukem Forever

Tell Gearbox What You Thought Of Duke Nukem Forever

Did you agree with our rather disparaging assessment of the recent Duke Nukem Forever? Did you think we were too soft on it? Or did you revel in its archaic delights? Well, whatever you thought of it, Gearbox want to know if the game floated your boat or not. You can participate in the survey here.

Considering that I got a phone call in the early hours of the morning on DNF's launch day berating me and anyone else even remotely associated with the games industry for 'allowing this travesty to take place', I know one friend who's definitely going to be filling this out.

Either way, if you thought the game was excellent old-school fun or a pile of steaming poo, you have a chance to get your feedback to the developers. make it happen!

Thanks EG.

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