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Gears 3 Achievements List Leaked?

Felix Kemp
Games news, Gears of War 3

WARNING! Spoilers Ahoy!

Gears 3 Achievements List Leaked?

According to This Is Xbox, an anonymous modder has spilled the empirical beans on Gears of War 3's achievements list. In typical Epic fashion, it's pretty revealing, with all the key plot-points, challenges and secrets included, accompanied by witty quips. So if you reckon your brave enough - or you're just a bit bored as the sun goes down on this unusually hot sabbath day - then come on in and take a peek...

So, what do we have then? Broadly speaking, the list reveals all of the campaign's key plot-points, like vanquishing a Lambent Leviathan - rumored for a while now - launching submarines and discovering a location dubbed, Azura. I'll avoid mentioning the major, major spoilers, but almost every beat on the list is a big reveal and sheds a harsh light on the, until now, pretty hush-hush Gears 3 plot.

Elsewhere, we've got achievements for venturing into the campaign with three pals in the newfangled four-player co-operative mode, which is set to be a hell of a lot of fun. Gears has been crying out for an additional two squad-mates to replace the brainless - if lovable - Baird and Cole. Although in Gears 3 even more accomplices have been thrown into the mix. Some aren't even men!

But wait, we're not done! Ever wondered how many levels you can climb in Gears 3's multiplayer? Well, judging by a particular achievement on the list, it's 100, which is sure to be a monumental task made all the better thanks to unlockable perks and whatnot. Who doesn't love celebrating a kill by ripping a fallen enemy's arm off and beating them to death with it? [ThisIsXbox]

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