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Gears 3 Has A 'Casual' Difficulty Level

Felix Kemp
Epic Games, Gears 3 beta, Gears of War 3
Gears of War 3

Gears 3 Has A 'Casual' Difficulty Level

If you're planning on introducing a friend to Gears' bloody and brilliant universe with the upcoming third game, but you're worried the steep difficulty might ward them off, fret no more; as Gears 3 features a newfangled 'Casual' difficulty level. Only Gears virgins can access the new mode, as the game reads your history to see if you've played either the first or second game. If you haven't, you'll be granted 'Casual', which features generous aim-assist for those of less dextrous grace.

'Casual' mode was announced this weekend at Comic-Con, where Epic had a big Gears presence, showing off all manner of tasty treats and probably dropping a whole load of swag on lucky attendees. But like we said earlier; if you're a Gears veteran, or even if you've ever played a level or two, you won't be able to play on 'Casual'; it's strictly reserved for newcomers.

Personally, I feel this sudden spate of casual and accessible difficulties is a little counter-productive. Growing up, we never had such things - god, I sound old - but it didn't matter; if a game was hard, you persevered to master it. In fact, it often made you like the game more. It's almost as if Epic is saying the current crop of new gamers isn't up to the task of, well, playing games! [IGN]


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Muramasa1  Jul. 25, 2011 at 13:36

Just how dumb are console gamers?


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