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Gears 3 Details Trickle Out Before Info Embargo

Jonathan Lester
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Gears 3 Details Trickle Out Before Info Embargo

Gears Of War 3 finally has a global launch date of September 20th, and we're naturally desperate to learn everything we can about the third entry in the illustrious franchise. Previews, interviews and a slew of delicious info has unfortunately been embargoed until 8:00 tonight (GMT), but a few details have slipped out from Microsoft's Graeme Boyd.

As well as confirming the release date, Microsoft have detailed some of the new weapons and abilities we'll be able to play about with. The Pendulum-Era Retro Lancer, Sawed-off Shotgun, 'OneShot', an Incendiary Grenade and upgrades to the Hammerburst and the Classic Lancer will be making an appearance... as well as the excitingly-named Digger Launcher. We're hoping that this will function much like the Shark Gun from Armed & Dangerous.

Microsoft has also named some new multiplayer maps, including Trenches, Overpass, Mercy, Checkout, and Thrashball.

We also know that Gears 3 will feature dedicated multiplayer servers, which should provide a level playing field and put paid to the buggy multiplayer woes that tend to mar the launch of a Gears title. We also won't be able to blame lag or host advantage on humiliating beatdowns.

We'll keep an eye on the extended coverage when it hits later this evening, but why not check out our hands-on singleplayer and multiplayer previews?

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