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Gears Of War 3 Campaign DLC Has New Protagonist

Felix Kemp
Cliff Bleszinski, Gears of War 3, Gears of War 3 Season Pass
Gears of War 3

Gears Of War 3 Campaign DLC Has New Protagonist

Cliffy B Defends Main Game Story

If you picked up the Gears of War 3 Season Pass, you're entitled to four chunks of post-release content at a cut-price compared to purchasing each individually. And it appears the Gears 3 DLC won't just be your standard run-of-the-mill map packs, either, as Epic is preparing a lengthy campaign addition with an all new character fans of the GoW graphic novels might recognize. Furthermore, Gears 3's main story has come in for some criticism as of late, with design director Cliff Bleszinski stepping in to defend his studio's work.

Responding to a post on the ever-popular NeoGaf forums, Bleszinski denied claims that Gears 3's campaign DLC would be based on the graphic novel saga, with a press release for the Season Pass featuring Gears' comic-book hero, Barrick, on the front. "No, it won't be the graphic novel," Bleszinski told forumgoers, "but it will have all new campaign content that doesn't have Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird in it. Expect Barrick and more..." Barrick starred in the Gears graphic novel, Hollow, a former Stranded who joined the CoG famed for his Locust slaughtering. One particular piece of art has Barrick ripping a Drone in half with his bare hands.

But Bleszinski wasn't finished. Responding to criticism towards Gears 3's story and its depiction of characters such as Augustus 'The Cole Train' Cole, Epic's design director was in defiant mood. "I'm not going to defend our story here, those who love it and get it truly adore it," he began. "You can find plot holes in nearly anything, from Lord of the Rings to Dark Knight. Story, like any art, can be somewhat subjective and is easy to pick on."

Bleszinski claims that while some fans might laugh at scenes such as Dom's fatal reunion with his lost wife Maria in Gears 2, he'd simply suggest you look up said scenes on YouTube, where numerous posters speak of its emotional impact. "If you go to YouTube and look up many of the cutscenes deemed 'silly' or 'cheesy' on here the majority of the comments over there cite how the scenes moved them, made them misty eyed, or out and out made them cry," he claims.

Furthermore, Bleszinski defended the character of Augustus Cole, who many have labelled as insensitive or insulting towards the depiction of African-Americans in the media. "And those of you citing Cole as some bad stereotype - guys, that's just Lester being Lester," Bleszinski explains, in regards to Cole's voice actor, Lester Speight. Fans of Speight's work will notice numerous similarities between that and Cole, but I find this a flimsy excuse personally. However, to open that can of worms is an article in and of itself.

"I believe we're getting better at storytelling with each effort and the critical consensus is that this is the best Gears narrative yet, and we'll keep doing better in the future," said Bleszinski. "ou can pick anything to shreds on the internet because you've got the time and balls afforded to you by a keyboard and monitor."

He also addresses the criticism surrounding Gears 3's many mysteries left up in the air, revealing that its an artists license not to answer all the questions, leaving it up to the "hive mind of the internet to figure it out". What say you, though, Dealspwners? Was Gears 3's story as bad as many say? Better? Worse? And is Cole an insulting black stereotype, or not? [Neogaf]

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mminghella  Sep. 29, 2011 at 10:58

So, because Cole is portrayed as an over-the-top ****, then that must be borderline racist? Seems like the usual over-reaction of the media and politically correct types to me. He's overbearing AND black. Not overbearing BECAUSE he is black.

RiKx  Sep. 29, 2011 at 11:35

"He's overbearing AND black. Not overbearing BECAUSE he is black." Good comment dude.

I Like that Cliffy B doesn't feel the need to explain, "ou can pick anything to shreds on the internet because you've got the time and balls afforded to you by a keyboard and monitor." is totally right. Also at least they are writing a narrative. The most story games get these days is enough to support a single player campaign to facilitate familiarity with on-line multiplayer. These usually have the narrative of blahblahblah spec ops/marine blah blah blah terrorists, pick up gun. start shooting. Maybe I'm just getting old or maybe it's a general lack of narrative, maybe both. But I haven't been moved by a video game like I used to be in a long time. I think the gears series take a very good stab at marrying story campaign with shooter. I hope they continue in whatever their next venture is. I like wading through a campaign to discover story rather than just for achievements / practice for multiplayer.


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