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Gears Of War 3 Not "Drunk On Set-Pieces" Like Predecessor

Felix Kemp
Epic Games, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3

Gears Of War 3 Not "Drunk On Set-Pieces" Like Predecessor

Can you believe Gears of War 3 is only a month away? Epic's climactic conclusion to the trilogy hits store shelves September 20th, meaning just over two weeks separates us from putting hand to pad and diving in. Epic is in confident mood surrounding their upcoming blockbuster, and with good reason; having been delayed by six months, they've been afforded ample time to deliver on their promises. And according to design director Cliff Bleszinski, don't expect the third Gears title to get "drunk on set-pieces" like the second.

"hat's one thing that I've gone on record before and said about Gears 2 is we got a little - quote - 'drunk on set pieces.' It was like - wow, now I'm in a worm! Now it's like a Mario game!" Bleszinski told IGN AU. Despite its critical and commercial success, a large portion of Gears' devoted fanbase lamented the loss of the original games' organic style in favor or scripted bombast. Bleszinski would appear to agree.

"And so that's [what we're going for is] giving people what they want, and to use the pacing that we have as creatives to know when a combat should crescendo into this amazing moment with a building falling down and then let it dial back, and let the characters talk, have a little bit of exposition - oh wait, a creepy Wretch just went by!"

Bleszinski likened his studio's obsession with set-pieces to the asteroid section in Dead Space, where you must man the ship's cannons to blast away incoming asteroids at ever-increasing speeds. Bleszinski claims this section "drove him crazy", as he'd bought Dead Space to kill necromorphs, not "play Asteroids!".

Epic has already bigged up their new 'combat bowls', intended to create organic set-pieces conjured by how you play. Not to mention the addition of four-player co-op which is sure to delight fans. We'll see you on Sera. [IGN AU]

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