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From Gears of War 3 to George's Wookie Rejection - News Roundup Wednesday 5th May

Marius Goubert
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Halo: Reach

Gears of War 3 details translated from Russian magazine

From Gears of War 3 to George's Wookie Rejection - News Roundup Wednesday 5th May

Russian Game’s Magazine Blowout has just published an eight page special feature on Gears of War 3. The feature - which has been speedily translated and can be read here - details previously undisclosed information on characters, locations, and weaponry for the last instalment of the Gears trilogy. But if you don’t want us to spoil the surprise for you, it’s probably a good idea to stop reading now.

According to our Russian colleagues, Gears of War 3 takes place one and a half years after the events of the second game which culminated with the destruction of Jacinto. With the downfall of the government and the COG effectively destroyed, the humans have fragmented into isolated tribes. With the situation similarly desperate for the locusts, the lambent are now viewed as human’s main threat. Gears 3 will also feature a born-again-hard Anya, who now fights alongside Marcus, and a separate storyline for Cole and Baird.

Blowout’s screen shots also show a floating man-made-Island called ‘Raven’s Nest’ which, according to the magazine, can be driven, and will form one of the sequel’s key locations. New weaponry includes a grenade launcher which fires ‘Earth drilling rounds’, and also a single-shot rifle and double-barrel shotgun. Most controversial however, is the fact that the developers are going for a lower difficulty after 60% of players failed to complete the original titles (a move which is sure to upset the hardcore). And although the magazine says this is the end of the trilogy, it does state that we can expect more from the series in the form of spin-offs and prequels.

Gears of War 3 is currently set for release April 11th 2011. [VG247]

Bungie Job Postings Offer Hints About Next Game

From Gears of War 3 to George's Wookie Rejection - News Roundup Wednesday 5th May

They might be busy putting the finishing touches to Halo: Reach, but it looks like Bungie are wasting no time in setting things up for their next project. Several job adverts have fueled speculation that the Halo developers are possibly going in for some kind of action RPG/MMORPG. According to the official Bungie website, the company is in the market for a ‘Player Investment Designer’ who will be ‘tasked with designing mechanics which drive in-game player reward and incentive’. They are also after a ‘Lead Writer’ who will create and develop a new universe – preferably with experience of ‘branching or non-linear’ narratives.

Bungie’s Community Director Brian Jarred stated (to Eurogamer) ‘I can't get into specifics, but we're definitely looking at building a universe that people want to spend time in - much like Halo, but we have much more grandiose vision here, so it's a long-term partnership for us. We're really embarking on something that will be a significant undertaking for the studio that will involve multiple games set inside this brand new IP and universe.’  [Eurogamer]

Force Unleashed Could Have Been a Wookie "Superhero" Game

From Gears of War 3 to George's Wookie Rejection - News Roundup Wednesday 5th May

If you found watching the three Star Wars prequels similar to watching someone extinguishing cigarettes on your favourite childhood toy, you could be forgiven for not having a great deal of faith in George Lucas’ opinion. Now, with The Force Unleashed II set to be released on October 26th, LucasArts employees Haden Blackman and Julio Torres explained in an interview with Gamerpro how Lucas rejected their idea of a superhero wookie game back in 2005. ‘We were kicking around an idea where you were playing a Wookie’, said Blackman, ‘It was going to be a big open world, and you'd be running around, and you'd be able to grab the heads of AT-STs and throw them at stormtroopers.’

However this failed to impress Lucas. ‘He just looked at me and said, 'I just spent the last half hour talking to you about the importance of characters talking to each other, and you pitch me a game idea where the main character can't talk?’ To be fair, Lucas did probably did have a point, but still, if those prequels are anything to go by, maybe no script  isn’t such a bad thing after all?  [1up]

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ODB  May. 5, 2010 at 16:07


Making GOW3 easier??? the first 2 are amongst the very very few games I have ever bothered to complete

cant wait for the next one although I hope its not the last

Matt Gardner  May. 5, 2010 at 23:56

Laughed my arse off at the LucasArts story...Chewie's Revenge would have been amazing


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