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Gears Of War Prequel Trilogy In The Works?

Felix Kemp
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Gears Of War Prequel Trilogy In The Works?

People Can Fly At The Helm, Apparently

Towards the end of development, with the release date looming large, Epic's design director Cliff Bleszinski told fans the third Gears game would be the last Marcus Fenix adventure. But not the last set in the Gears' universe, we gather. Despite its poor in-game storytelling, Gears has a rather rich back-story Epic could call upon for a fourth title. Not to mention Gears of War 3 made a lot of money, which is usually enough justification for a sequel for publishers. And it would appear Epic and Microsoft have big plans in store, with no less than three all new Gears games in the pipeline.

We've no further details other than the news itself, which was picked up by CVG following a post in The Official Xbox Magazine. And while Epic's internal team has handled all three Gears games to date, it appears they're willing to pass on the reins to People Can Fly, who're owned by Epic and were behind recent foul-mouthed skillshot release Bulletstorm.

But don't expect the next Gears game to be Gears of War 4, oh no. Apparently, People Can Fly will be plucking from events before the first game. It could be The Pendulum Wars, the long-fought battle over Sera's precious Imulsion resource. Or, of course, Emergence Day, when the Locust first arrived to enact genocide upon the 'ground-walkers'.

Don't expect to hear much else on this until E3 2012 at the earliest, we presume. Until then, if you haven't checked out our Gears of War 3 review yet, you can rectify that grave mistake right here. [CVG]

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