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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Studio Reveals Ravensdale

Jonathan Lester
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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Studio Reveals Ravensdale

"Fuel Fantasy" Game In Development For Years

Black Forest Games, the outfit behind the superb Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, has finally revealed a title they've been working on for many a long year. Described as a "fuel fantasy" game, Ravensdale is a sidescrolling steampunk co-op title that tasks players with brawling over a "medieval oil rig city."

Sounds like a blast. More details below.

Black Forest originally pitched Ravensdale to publishers as a steampunk-meets-high fantasy RPG, but were roundly shouted down because "steampunk doesn't sell." They since responded by retooling the game as a cooperative-centric action game from a sidescrolling perspective, wherein furnace-toting orcs and rocketpack-equipped goblins throw down in some sprawling arenas. Apparently it also contains some gameplay mechanics that were originally considered for Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams that they were unable to implement due to time and tone constraints.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Studio Reveals Ravensdale

"Whether the setting actually is steampunk or not is debatable (we’d describe it as a fuel fantasy), but that doesn’t matter – it’s our hot-blooded brain-baby, and it’s going to be a blast!" explains the first devblog post. "To get the ball rolling, we decided to introduce our universe with a smaller game that delivers on our vision of a medieval oil rig city with crazy, over-the-top machinery."

More gameplay and release details will be made public over the coming weeks. We'll keep you posted.

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