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Gibeau: Not Opposed To Real-Life Conflicts In Shooters

Matt Gardner
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Gibeau: Not Opposed To Real-Life Conflicts In Shooters

EA Labels head honcho Frank Gibeau has suggested he'd be open to exploring shooters with far more realistic storylines, emulating real-life combat and retelling tales from actual conflicts. He did, however, suggest that the 'fidelity' of gaming experiences would need to improve before the immersion would be total.

Gibeau commented that EA had already taken steps in this area. "Medal of Honor frankly was ripped from the headlines more than a little and told the story of the SEALs that were helping us build the game," he said. "As the fidelity of the experiences get better, people might ask, ‘Is it real or is it Battlefield?'"

"I think you can do that now if you felt like that's the story you wanted to creatively pursue. I think it's possible to do in a lot of different categories, too, like sports or a modern crime story. As a studio exec, I wouldn't have any opposition to somebody saying, ‘No, I want to tell the real story as it unfolded.' I'd be totally open to hearing that pitch; it would certainly be a twist on what's out there in the marketplace."

It certainly would. But in an industry dominated at the top by the bottom line, and with first-person shooters one of the most conservative parts of this industry, it would take a brave studio to shake things up like that. It was, after all, Medal of Honor that shied away from realism last time around, and Six Days in Fallujah never even surfaced. [Kotaku]

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