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Gigantic Army brings sidescrolling mech carnage to Steam today (watch our Let's Play!)

Jonathan Lester
Astro Port, Mech games, Nyu Media, PC, PC games, SHMUP

As a fan of sidescrolling shooters and all things mech-related, Gigantic Army absolutely scratched my itch for insane destruction when it released last month. Nyu Media have localised their best doujin (Japanese indie) game to date, providing a no-holds-barred mechanical romp of suitably gigantic proportions. I'm delighted to report that, following a successful Greenlight campaign, it will be available on Steam from 18:00 this evening (costing £3.99). You'll get a Steam code free of charge if you already bought it.

You can read our 8/10 editor's choice review for more details - and watch me absolutely fail to play it and provide useful commentary in our embedded Let's Play video above.

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imdurc  Mar. 6, 2014 at 16:00

Good to see this game coming to steam. I look forward to picking it up.

On a sidenote, I mentioned something like this for one of the Titanfall videos on Dealspwn. Just a reminder that that Dealspwn video also had a slight doubling effect. If you pause it during screen movement, you'll see what I mean.
To fix this (at least in Sony Vegas), don't allow resampling of the video to occur. You can right-click a video, select "switches" and then select "disable resample." This should stop Vegas from resampling the video and creating the drifty/doubling effect.

Hope this helps!


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