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'Girl With A Heart Of' Detailed, Trailered & Dated

Jonathan Lester
Bent Spoon Games, Indie Games, Mobile games, PC games

'Girl With A Heart Of' Detailed, Trailered & Dated

Bent Spoon Games, the Indie development studio formed by Alexei Andreev, has announced an intriguing new title with an intriguing title. Girl With A Heart Of will exlpore the concepts of transhumanism and recursive self-improvement when it launches on November 17th.

Set in Underfoot, a subterranean city inhabited by the Dark race, Girl with a Heart of is the story of Raven, an eleven-year-old girl separated from her parents during a vicious attack by the Light's army. As her city's last defenses slowly crumble and her sense of normalcy is stripped away, Raven learns that she plays a critical role in this global conflict due to her unusual, artificial heart. Now she must learn to harness her newly acquired power and make a series of choices that will have life-altering consequences beyond her little town.

We've got more details and a trailer after the break.

Girl with a Heart of is an interactive narrative that progresses as Raven converses with the inhabitants of her multi-level city. During these conversations, the player is confronted with choices that influence other characters' reactions and determine the flow of the story. The "correct" choices are not always straightforward; decisions that seem good can actually be detrimental and players must use rationality and logic to succeed. The unfolding narrative is accompanied by stylized graphics that depict a world where darkness, not light, is the primary life source.

When you continuously try to improve yourself -- and, by doing this, continuously get better at improving yourself -- no boundary can hold you back. That's what recursive self-improvement and Girl with a Heart of are all about," explains  Once the player begins to understand how this works in the game, it almost feels like cheating -- like an instant win. But it's actually a prelude to the hardest decision you'll have to make. - Alexei Andreev, the game's developer and founder of Bent Spoon Games

Girl with a Heart of will be sold via digital distribution for $5.99 on desktop platforms (PC, Mac) and $2.99 on mobile platforms (iOS, Android).

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