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Glacier White PS4 gets cheapest deal yet - £255.16

Brendan Griffiths
console deals, PS4

Glacier White PS4 gets cheapest deal yet - £255.16

How cool is the white PS4? It's cool as ice, but this price is hotter than hell for Sony's stylish glacier white PS4 console as you can now pick it up for just £255.16. The cheapest alternative I can find is £65 more expensive.

This white PS4 is a 500GB model and comes with all the usual cables, a basic earbud headset and a white controller. This Amazon Warehouse deal lists the item as 'Like New' and mentions it may be 'repackaged.' Considering the huge saving and you being able to return it if you're not happy, we'd give it a shot if you've been after a white PS4.

Thanks to thenokiaguru.

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Late  Feb. 17, 2015 at 14:17

£50 and I might bite. (And then immediately look into re-skinning it.)

Depends what else you have under your telly, I guess. My AV equipment is all black, and putting a white console in there would be borderline obscene!

Oh. Is that what people mean when they say "once you've had black you never go back"?

lockwoodisbored  Feb. 17, 2015 at 21:32

I strongly advise you steer clear of Amazon Warehouse deals. Yes, they are cheaper BUT the description does not match the product they send. I bought a PS4 from them, it was no-where near the condition it was meant to be, contents missing (including the bundle game). I had a real issue with them - the non-UK call centre staff follow a script and as soon as you being discussing Sale of Goods Act, they keep going to the start of their script.

Try them if you like, but be advised you might need to send the item back. After messing around getting my money refunded, I'v gone with Gamestop. Will they be any good - I can't say. However, at least when they write something in the product description, it will be correct.


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