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At A Glance: Roundup 6th-12th January 2014

Brendan Griffiths
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At A Glance: Roundup 6th-12th January 2014

This week we had the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which gave us a glance at the first line of Steam machines, which are turning out to be pretty pricey if they're wanting to take on the consoles. A new Aliens game was also unveiled, but after the disaster of Colonial Marines, we're not quite ready to put much stock into it. CES also saw Sony unveil their new streaming service, which looks like an excellent idea, if our weedy broadband can cope that is.

Just the one review this week (damn you, January!) in the form of Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood on the Xbox One. Our features section is positively bursting though with more videos from WildStarDungeon of the Endless and Next Car Game. We have numerous opinion pieces on all the big CES news including PlayStation Now, the Steam machines and the lack of any Half-Life 3 news. Matt has a brand new hands-on preview for you for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. There are also features on why we're all probably going to be buying Skyrim again, why 6vs6 is enough for Titanfall, a list of six games that don't need their player count improving and a New Years Resolution list for the PS4.

At A Glance: Roundup 6th-12th January 2014


At A Glance: Roundup 6th-12th January 2014


At A Glance: Roundup 6th-12th January 2014


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Breadster  Jan. 12, 2014 at 18:49

I don't see what the problem is with our internet speeds if 5Mbps is the recommended minimum speed for playstation now. According to Ofcom the average UK speed as of May 2013 was 14.7Mbps, although it's apparently not that high according to other sources.

Still I think it's a pointless excuse, everything comes out in the US first anyway.


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