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At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 12th - 18th September 2011

Josh Clark
Weekly Roundup

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 12th - 18th September 2011

Trawling through blogs can be time consuming, so we thought we’d make it even easier by rounding up the hottest headlines, the most delicious deals and fantastic features each week in a handy, low-fat look at the previous seven days.


  • Space Marine PS3 Matchmaking a Mess: I hate to open this week's roundup with bad news, but you can blame Relic - who have successfully destroyed any chances of a smooth launch period by missing a crippling network bug that left matchmaking waiting times at over half an hour - for that, not me.  They have since responded with an as-yet unreleased patch.
  • Double Fine Ditch 'Trenched' Trademark: After a whole bunch of legal problems stopped Trenched, Schafer and co's latest XBLA title launching in European territories, Double Fine have decided to drop the name in favour of Iron Brigade.  So now you know what to look for when it eventually releases, you've no excuse for not buying yet another quality Double Fine game...
  • Black Ops Rezurrection Due On PC, PS3 Next Week: Or this week, depending on whether your calender is mean enough to start yours on a working day or not.  Now everyone can enjoy shotgunning a zombie in satisfyingly messy zero-gravity.
  • Nintendo TGS Conference Roundup: This roundup-within-a-roundup (meta-roundup?) sees Jon bringing you all of Nintendo's not-really-very-exciting-announcements from their beloved TGS.  Interesting if you're in the market for 3DS add-ons, not if you're not.
  • Red Dead Redemption GotY Edition Inbound: If you've held out on John Marston's hip-shooting strutathon until now, then your patience has paid off.  Rockstar have dated the Game of the Year edition of Red Dead Redemption for 14th October, and will include the Undead Nightmare spin-off(?) as well as a multitude of multiplayer modes and character skins.
  • Codemasters Preparing to Shut Guildford Studio: After reviews of Codemasters utterly mediocre Bodycount have begun to trickle in, the developer has taken it upon itself to look at closing the branch responsible.  Before you assign them 'evil corporation' status though, note that they are looking to draft some employees to their Birmingham studio, likely in an effort to concentrate on their rather excellent racing titles.

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 12th - 18th September 2011

  • Nintendo Refuse to Release Games on Smartphone: Big cheese Satoru Iwata has stated categorically that Nintendo will not be releasing games for the Smartphone, stating that he was looking toward Nintendo's long-term stability, rather than a quick, short-term influx of cash.  Fair play to the man, as long as we paying customers continue to get top-class games for our cash.
  • LucasArts Developing "Aerial Combat Title": Lucasarts taunt us with the possibility of a new Rogue Squadron game by advertising an opening for a senior gameplay engineer, with candidates preferably having experience in the flight sim world.  As one DavidPanik points out though, it may very well just be another rubbish tie-in.
  • Dead Island Hits Two Million Sales: Proof, if it were needed, that excellent marketing can go a long way.  Despite average reviews (we disagree, as it happens, but more on that later), Dead Island has gone on to sell two million units worldwide, leaving Techland rich enough to be able to invest in their own square-foot of luxurious tropical resort.
  • Vita Will Have Optional External Battery:  Battery life has become a major talking point in the world of portable gaming, what with Nintendo's 3DS needing to be plugged in on a daily basis and Sony's own Vita struggling to cope with anything over five hours of solid gaming.  Sony have taken notice though, and are keen to assure users that an external battery will be available for those of us that want to play for longer than the duration of a long-haul coach trip.  Incidentally, if you've booked a trip to Japan this December, it might interest you to learn that the Vita is now region-free.
  • Arkham City Confirms Deadshot:  Arkham City is set to pit the Dark Knight against an army of supervillains as it stands, but news has filtered through the channels that Deadshot will now be cropping up to make Batman's life even more complicated.  I'd love to say this is the last surprise we'll spoiling for ourselves before Arkham City's October 21st release, but...
  • Battlefield 3 Extended Guillotine Trailer is Oscar Mike: You want more Battlefield, we want more Battlefield, so lets all have some more Battlefield.  When you're done with that, there's a ton of astounding screenshots to pore over until we can finally get our mitts on the game literally everyone is screaming about.  DUH DUHDUH DUH.  DUH DUHDUH DUH.
  • Silent Hill: Downpour & HD Collection Screenshots:  And we'll end this week's news with another batch of screenshots, this time from Silent Hill: Downpour and the HD revamps of Silent Hill 2 and 3.  Lets just hope Konami haven't sacrificed atmosphere for beauty, in either case...

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 12th - 18th September 2011


    • SkyDrift Review: Matt delves into the lush world of Skydrift, an aerial arcade racer that made its way to XBLA, PSN, and PC platforms this week, and finds out that it has substance to complement its considerable style.
    • Wildstar Previews, Interview, and... Wild Card?: Carl brings us a treasure trove of information regarding NCSoft's upcoming MMO Wildstar, which for all intents and purposes is looking to finally break the stranglehold Blizzard has on the genre.  Add to this a fantastic application for the position of explorer extraordinaire aboard the good ship Ark (you'll get there one day Carl, I promise), and you should have enough to gorge on while you wait for the game's release.
    • Dead Island Review: David takes on the game everyone has been waiting for since that phenomenal teaser and finds that there's much to love about Techland's flawed zombie gem.
    • Sengoku Review: Jon retreats to his war room (or study, as the rest of us call it) in order to command the vast armies of feudal Japan.  Despite a horrible interface and its refusal to surpass the tried-and-tested strategy conventions, there's much to recommend Sengoku.
    • Hard Reset Review:  Flying Wild Hog's cyberpunk shooter takes none of your s**t.  Literally none of it.  So if you're willing to stop crying like a sissy girl and start blowing stuff the hell up, then you might just make it through this corker of a game by many of the one-track minds behind Painkiller.  That's the track that carries the Pain Train, in case you were wondering...
    • Nuclear Dawn Beta Preview: That's right folks; Nuclear Dawn still exists, and it's just entered the beta phase, allowing Matt to get hands-on and reveal that while it might leave a sour taste in the mouths of CoDField 3 junkies, it will appeal to that small minority that want a little brains with their brawn.
    • Rock of Ages Review: "To describe it as ‘quirky’ would be wildly understating the game’s uniqueness", so says Mr. Brown, and understating things is clearly not what Rock of Ages is about.  To be honest, I'm still not entirely sure what it is about, except rolling rocks at things, but that's probably my failing, and it's apparently pretty good.  So there.
    • Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Review: Ignoring the aforementioned multiplayer fiasco, Brendan finds a genuinely decent Warhammer action title.  Not ignoring it though, it might be worth holding off until the kinks have been well and truly ironed out.  A solid single-player six.
    • Star Fox 64 3D Review: You've played Star Fox 64 right?  Well then, you've played this.  That being said, you've never played Star Fox 64 on the Tube, or on the loo (unless you really couldn't bear to put the pad down), so if that's enough to sway you, then Jon assures us that this is a pixel-perfect port of the original.
    • Red Orchestra 2 Review: Jon clearly isn't happy unless games are whipping him mercilessly with every tactical mistake he makes, which is why he reviewed Tripwire's vicious new World War 2 shooter Red Orchestra 2.  Hardcore, painstakingly accurate, and unfortunately rather broken.  He expresses hope that Tripwire's exceptional aftermarket support will right the game's wrongs though, so don't cross this off your list just yet.
    • God of War Collection Volume II Review:  Brendan makes a play-date with Kratos, and the pair of them tear chunks out of a bunch of mythological creatures.  It's God of War in every sense; striking, ambitious, and a whole heap of fun.  A great way to end this week's reviews.

    At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 12th - 18th September 2011

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