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At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 13th - 19th June 2011

Josh Clark
At A Glance, Games news, roundup

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 13th - 19th June 2011
Trawling through blogs can be time consuming, so we thought we'd make it even easier by rounding up the hottest headlines, the most delicious deals and fantastic features each week in a handy, low-fat look at the previous seven days.


  • Next Gen "10x as Powerful": With Nintendo finally unveiling the Wii U, the next generation rumour mill has been sparked into action, and legendary game developer John Carmack hasn't wasted any time in revealing his predictions for the future of gaming.  Could Microsoft and Sony really be looking to up their processing power tenfold?

  • Third Black Ops Map Pack Revealed: You can't fault Treyarch on their work ethic who, a month after the 'Escalation Pack' dropped, are set to release 'Annihilation', which features four new multiplayer maps and, as ever, a new zombie map to sink your teeth into.  It'll be available to purchase on the 28th June.

  • "Zero Chance" of PS3 Gears of War: Cliffy B has fulfilled his annual 'Sony Gears denial' quota this week, stating categorically that Gears of War will not be making the move to Sony's home console any time in the near future.  That's about it, but at least now you know for sure.

  • New Xbox to be Revealed in 2012: More of that next gen business now, with 'high-ranking sources' reporting that Microsoft will be looking to reveal their new console next year, and that working with Free Radical, Crytek are working on Timesplitters 4 for the system.  Crytek have since denied the claims, but Avalanche Studios have announced that work on their brand new, next gen IP has commenced.  Paint me suspicious.

  • Mass Effect 3 "Not the End": Since Mass Effect's inception way back when, Bioware have always said that their virtual universe is rich enough in lore to fill dozens of games, and that seems to be exactly what they're intending to do.  MMO you say?  No?  My mistake...

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 13th - 19th June 2011


  • It might not even be out yet, but Felix has already snapped up a deal saving you a couple of pounds on Rayman Origins, which is going for just £29.85 over at The Hut.  Demoed at this year's E3, it looks like a return to form for Michel Ancel's titular hero.
  • New Super Mario Bros price drops are a rare thing, but now we're seeing two come along at once.  The link will send you to PC World, where they are offering this unsurprisingly excellent platformer for just £17.59.  If you need an alternative,  Curry's have also cut their price to match.
  • Another Steam deal now, and one which is set to benefit a number of indie developers, which is alright by us.  The Indie Action Pack, featuring the unique(ly titled) 'AaAaAA!', and the manic Metal Drift, is available at £6.79 for a limited time.  Get stuck in!

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 13th - 19th June 2011


  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Review: Matt heads back to Hyrule in an attempt to find out whether Link is still worth your attention fourteen years later.  Has Ocarina of Time's 3D makeover made it worth revisiting on Nintendo's new portable?  The short answer:  Yes.
  • Frozen Synapse Review: Mode 7's new indie strategy game does the unthinkable and totally reinvents the genre, scoring itself a perfect ten in the process.  Head on over to find out why Jon's socks have been utterly rocked by Frozen Synapse.
  • Alice: Madness Returns Review: In rather less spectacular fashion, Spicy Horse's sequel to American McGee's Alice shakes no foundations whatsoever, delivering a bland and relatively joyless experience.  Is Wonderland itself able to redeem the mediocre gameplay?  Unfortunately not.
  • Duke Nukem Forever: David's PC follow-up to Tom's console review delivers much the same verdict.  The Duke got left behind, and it'll take us a long time to mourn his loss.  Or at least as long as it takes Gearbox to go back to the drawing board and bring us the game we've been waiting fourteen years for.
  • Infamous 2 Review: PS3 owners rejoice!  Cole MacGrath returns in the sequel to one of Sony's biggest hitters, and Brendan rather enjoyed it.  It's far from perfect, but everything has been taken up a notch since the first game, culminating in an impressive end product.

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 13th - 19th June 2011


  • Killzone 3 Multiplayer Roundup: Brendan fills you in on all of Killzone 3's multiplayer goings-on, including gameplay tweaks and events, not to mention a couple of new additions to the single player experience too.  Delve in to see what you can't afford to be missing.
  • A History of Violence: Spurred on by one Michel Ancel's comments regarding the all-too-graphic nature of many of E3's showings this year, we decided to investigate why the games industry is so keen on funneling blood into our living rooms through games like Furious 4 and Far Cry 3.
  • Blast From the Past: Ultima Underworld: Mr David Brown takes another nostalgic look back at the ghost of gaming's past with Ultima Underworld, a first-person RPG that set out the template for similar games to follow for decades to come.
  • Dealspwn @ E3 2011: This is all forgetting a whole host of hands-on previews from the E3 showroom floor courtesy of Matt and Jon.  So if you want to keep up with the latest goings-on in gaming, check them out, and revel in the delicious prospect that is the year to come.

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 13th - 19th June 2011

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