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At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 13th-19th February 2012

Josh Clark
At A Glance, February 2012, News, Weekly Roundup

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 13th-19th February 2012

Trawling through blogs can be time consuming, so we thought we’d make it even easier by rounding up the hottest headlines, ripe reviews and fantastic features each week in a handy, low-fat look at the previous seven days.


  • Epic: Unreal Samaritan Demo Needs Ten Times More Power Than Xbox 360:  Rumours of a next-generation Xbox weighing in at six times the power of the 360 might well cause Epic to be a little nervous, who say that their Samaritan tech-demo requires 2.5 terraFLOPS to run properly.  Any of the rumours surrounding the 'NextBox' are far from confirmed, but it's worrying nonetheless.
  • Juicy Resident Evil 6 Details Leap Out: Quick to dispel the idea that Resident Evil 6 fails to bring anything new to the table, Capcom have spilled a few details regarding their upcoming survival-horror title.  Set entirely in China and featuring a whole host of enemies never before seen (though admittedly rather similar to your standard running zombie) in the franchise, Resident Evil 6 is shaping up to be a pretty exciting addition to the series.
  • Team Ninja: DoA 5 Won't Objectify Its Female Fighters: Team Ninja are looking to buck the trend of jiggly physics and short skirts in fighting franchise Dead or Alive by aiming NOT to objectify its female fighters.  A more mature approach to storytelling, gore and sex are three key points the new team aim to adhere to.  About time.
  • Notch Willing To Stump Up $13M For Psychonauts 2: Drunken tweet or genuine offer?  Notch has told Tim Schafer that he is willing to offer $13 million for the production of a sequel to Double Fine's excellent platformer Psychonauts.  With Schafer's Kickstarter project an overwhelming success, he'll undoubtedly be focusing on his return to old-school point 'n click excellence.  But afterwards?  We can only hope...
  • Bethesda Knew About Skyrim PS3 Memory Problems Ahead Of Time: Bethesda reveal that they were fully aware of the memory allocation problems that have crippled the game file of many a PS3 Skyrimmer, but admit that they had no idea how widespread the problem would be.  Negligence or naivety, it's a strange admission from an undeniably excellent developer.
  • Remedy: 'You Can't Fight' PC Piracy: Oskari Hakkinen seems to have resigned himself to the fact that online pirates will always find a way to distribute games illegally, turning his attention instead to giving paying customers the best experience possible.  While his statements may be true, it does seem somewhat defeatist in light of the government's admittedly controversial SOPA and PIPA legislation.
  • Sony Explains 'One Price' Vita/PS3 Compatible Titles: In an effort to curb some of the fury being directed Sony's way after the recently released prices of some Vita titles, the Japanese tech giant have put in place a 'One Price' system for a number of Vita titles, that allow users to download both the PSN and Vita versions with a single payment.
  • Prepare Yourself For Humble Bundle Mojam! Mojang have been busy developing a brand new title this weekend with the help of gamers around the globe as part of another Humble Bundle charity initiative.  It's an excellent way to raise money for a good cause, and we at Dealspwn can't wait to see what the team have come up with.
  • Moore: Give Origin '18 Months To Two Years': EA's Peter Moore has asked gamers to give their digital distribution service another two years before comparing it established rivals like Steam.  He notes that their aforementioned rivals suffered exactly the same teething problems upon launch, and that users will eventually adjust to the new service.
  • Ogasawara: Emulating Western Development Hasn't Worked, Japanese Culture A 'Huge Treasure': While some Japanese developers see their industry as one that has fallen behind Western standards, Dynasty Warriors' Kenichi Ogasawara has said that copying his Western counterparts is a recipe for disaster, and that it is Japanese culture his compatriots should be drawing their inspiration from.

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 13th-19th February 2012


  • PS Vita Hardware Review: Brendan brings us a comprehensive review of Sony's long-awaited new handheld.  A few hitches are to be expected, but otherwise this is a truly next-gen piece of hardware.  If you can cover the cost, it's shaping up to be a wise investment.
  • King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame Review: In streamlining the experience King Arthur II fails to deliver the depth wargamers expect from their titles.  Not an utter failure by any means, but neither is it a total success.
  • Uncharted Golden Abyss Review: Following on from his hardware review, Brendan brings us a review of the Vita's biggest launch title.  It's everything you've come to expect and love from the Uncharted series, and is a safe day-one purchase for those looking for something reliably excellent to be bundled in with their new handheld.
  • The Darkness II Review: Tom gets his hands on the follow-up to one of the most criminally underrated titles of this generation.  Now in the hands of new developers, does The Darkness II deliver everything the first title promised?  Yes, and with a whole heap of extra mutilation to boot.
  • Crusader Kings II Review: Jon dons his strategy hat (Napolean-era Admiral bicorn I imagine) once again and dives into Paradox Interactive's latest epic, Crusader Kings II.  Thankfully, this is a title that doesn't skimp on depth, and one that Jon can wholeheartedly recommend to long-serving strategists looking for something compelling and infinitely replayable.
  • WipEout 2048 Review: Not convinced by the Vita or it's Uncharted launch title?  Brendan is here to convince you that there's still something to enjoy about Sony's handheld, particularly if you've a nostalgic fondness for futuristic racing series WipEout.  2048 returns to the series to its roots, and in doing so relives the anarchic thrill of high-speed hover-racing.  Lacking in new content, but a worthy addition to the Vita's catalogue nonetheless.
  • UFC Undisputed 3 Review: Yuke have moved on from wrestling to an altogether more brutal (and dare I say it 'real') sport in the form of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  Their latest title bucks the trend of bland iterative sports titles and brings something new to the table in the form of a robust creation tool and plenty of on and offline game modes.
  • Gotham City Impostors Review: We were all a little sceptical of Gotham City Impostors when it was first announced.  A cynical cash-in on Batman's recent revival?  Turns out that we were right to be wary, as while it delivers some fun and colourful gameplay, it really is a run-of-the-mill FPS.  Still, it might be worth a punt for hardcore fans of the Caped Crusader.
  • ModNation Racers: Road Trip Review:ModNation Racers wasn't exactly a roaring success when it hit Sony's home console, and unfortunately the Vita version suffers from many of the shortcomings.  Average in every sense of the word.

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 13th-19th February 2012


At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 13th-19th February 2012

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