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At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 26th - 2nd October 2011

Josh Clark
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At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 26th - 2nd October 2011

Trawling through blogs can be time consuming, so we thought we’d make it even easier by rounding up the hottest headlines, the most delicious deals and fantastic features each week in a handy, low-fat look at the previous seven days.


  • Ubisoft: 'No Plans To Bring Rocksmith To Europe':  Bad news bedroom rockers; Ubisoft has said that it currently has no plans to bring their guitar-'em-up over to this side of the pond.  There is some light at the end of the tunnel though, as they haven't entirely ruled out the possibility, based on the potential success of the title in America.
  • RUMOUR: Dead Space 3 Details Spill Out:  No real surprise that a second sequel to EA's excellent stomp-heavy title is in the works, but a resourceful online source has spilled a few details about Isaac Clarke's next outing.  It's sounding pretty exciting, and we'll be sure to bring you concrete details as and when...
  • REPORT: Syndicate Reboot Dated For February 2012:  The more we see of the Syndicate reboot, the less inclined we are to hate Starbreeze for turning a strategy classic into yet another first-person shooter.  The title has now been dated for February of next year, which should just about give you time to finish up that slew of pre-Xmas titles you'll be asking for over the festive period.
  • Battlefield 3 Open Beta Begins:  The beta has finally arrived, and it shames me to say that I haven't played it.  Yet.  My Dealspwn compatriots have though, and they'll be bringing you their thoughts on DICE's blisteringly pretty shooter as soon as possible.
  • Mortal Kombat: Legacy Prompts New Line Cinema Project:  You might be one of the millions of people that has seen Tancharoen's Mortal Kombat live-action webseries, and if you are, you'll know that his take on the treasured video game franchise is amazing.  Really amazing.  New Line Cinema have taken notice, and have vowed to do everything they can to bring his vision to the big screen.
  • Ninja Gaiden 3 Aiming To Be More "Modern":  Hold the groans people, Ninja Gaiden 3 won't be set in war-torn Iraq, or the barren deserts of Afghanistan.  It will be brought into the 'modern' age with a much slicker interface and an attempt at the kind of immersion modern games are renowned for.  'Modern': it's a good thing, trust me.
  • Dead Island DLC Delayed:  Techland's tropical zombie smash Dead Island won't be receiving the planned 'Bloodbath Arena' DLC as soon as the team had hoped, with efforts currently being focused on fixing a number of issues within the game itself.  It's good to see developers making sure the consumers are able to enjoy a quality game, rather than throwing DLC at them and asking for more money.  Good work Techland, you're alright.

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 26th - 2nd October 2011


  • Pineapple Smash Crew & Waves Previews:  Jon got the chance to play two of indie gaming's biggest hopefuls at this year's Eurogamer Expo, and is pleased to announce that they rock.  Hard.
  • Road Testing The Racers At The Eurogamer Expo:  Brendan worked his socks off at the Expo this year, clawing to the front of five separate queues in order to road-test the biggest upcoming racers, with only one real disappointment among the pack.  Petrolheads should definitely check this out.
  • Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Hands-On Preview:  Felix overdoses on excitement this week as he gets hands-on with Bethesda behemoth Skyrim.  You want details, he's got 'em.
  • Anarchy Reigns Hands-On Impressions:  Carl and Matt take on Anarchy Reigns, with developers Platinum hoping to bring back the old-school art of kicking people in the head.  Tough, but ultimately rewarding, Anarchy Reigns is shaping up to continue the studio's long line of excellent titles.
  • F1 2011 Review:  I pull on the fireproof overalls, grab my helmet (steady...) and squeeze into the cockpit of Codemasters' latest official Formula 1 title.  More of a confident stride than a leap forward in terms of improvements, but it's still the best Formula 1 game ever made, period.
  • Burnout Crash! Review:  Matt gets behind the wheel of a very different type of racer, and finds Burnout Crash! to be a hampered but ultimately fun Arcade title.
  • Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar Review:  Following on the heels of last week's Rune Factory 3 review, Matt takes a look at the new Harvest Moon title, and finds it lacking in many respects.  There's enough for newcomers to enjoy, but almost nothing for long-time players to discover that hasn't been a part of previous games.
  • Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection Review:  Two of last generation's most criminally overlooked titles get an HD remake, and Brendan is on-hand to see if they've stood the test of time.  Some control issues and technical snags aside, these are two games you really should play, if only to understand or deny what all of the fuss is about.

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 26th - 2nd October 2011


At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 26th - 2nd October 2011

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