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At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 5th - 11th December 2011

Josh Clark
At A Glance, December 2011, Weekly Roundup

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 5th - 11th December 2011

Trawling through blogs can be time consuming, so we thought we’d make it even easier by rounding up the hottest headlines, ripe reviews and fantastic features each week in a handy, low-fat look at the previous seven days.


  • Treyarch Gearing Up For Call Of Duty 9: Whether or not you enjoyed this year's Call of Duty title is irrelevant as far as Activision are concerned, because we're still throwing enough money at them to warrant a ninth entry in the series.  Treyarch will be doing the honours, and are looking for new staff to bolster 'Project Iron Wolf's development team.  Hey, just because you all saw it coming doesn't not make it news.
  • Report: Obsidian's South Park RPG Details Blowout: Obsidian have announced their involvement in a South Park RPG title, and we've got a whole Parker full of details.  If you're trying to avoid spoilers though, pull the hood over your eyes and move on.  I should probably throw the winterwear references out now.  Out in the cold!
  • RUMOUR: Techland Confirms Dead Island 2? Our Polish is sketchy at best, so we're unable to confirm or deny at this stage, but it appears as though Techland's biggest cheese Paul Carrot has promised to build on everything the fans loved about Dead Island in what can surely only be a sequel?  Considering the success of their tropical zombie FPRPG (or 'First-Person Role-playing Game' in terms that I haven't made up), they'd be silly not to really.
  • OnLive Arrives On Mobile Phones And Tablets: It seems like a match made in heaven to me, if only I could afford a mobile that had more features than just a 'built-in torch'.  OnLive has arrived on UK mobiles and tablets, with games able to be played via your touch screen, or with the OnLive wireless controller.  Just don't show your grandparents; they'll burn you for witchcraft.
  • REPORT: Serious Sam 3 Combats Piracy With Armoured Invincible Red Scorpion: Croteam combat piracy the Serious Sam way; by shooting their enemies in the face, virtually speaking of course.  If you were dishonourable enough to torrent Serious Sam 3, you're going to have to answer to a giant armoured (and armed) scorpion, which will hunt you mercilessly until you are but a smear on the dusty, dusty ground.  And he's more of a 'shoot first' kind of guy...
  • Keith Vaz Urges Paliament To Debate Game's "Harmful Effects": Keith Vaz being a plank.  Worth a read though.
  • STALKER 2 Cancelled, GSC Shut Down: Join me in a moment's silence for GSC, who have this week announced their permanent closure and subsequent cancellation of STALKER 2.  Another casualty of this current economic climate no doubt, we wish everyone there all the best for the future.  Considering their impressive CVs, they shouldn't have too much trouble finding another project.
  • Shigeru Miyamoto Not Stepping Down Just Yet, But Still Interested In Smaller Projects: Cutting through the confusion and speculation surrounding Miyamoto's future career with Nintendo is the man himself, who insists that while he is interested pursuing smaller projects within the company, he won't be stepping down altogether.  Good news then.
  • Sine Mora To Be An XBLA Exclusive: Sine Mora looks fantastic, and with Akira Yamaoka on board I'm sure it'll sound just as good.  Unfortunately for Playstation 3 owners, it's also been confirmed as an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive.  I wish I had a silver lining for you, I really do, but...  Naughty Dog are WHAT?
  • Screenshot For The Last Of Us Emerges: So it looks as though The Last of Us is going to be another Naughty Dog-developed Sony exclusive, as confirmed at this weekend's VGA ceremony.  Excuse me for a moment while I pat my Xbox on the head and tell it that I'm sure it's nothing personal.
  • VGA 2011 Round-up: Speaking of the VGAs, head over to Carl's roundup of the night's events for all the news and trailers (as well as those awards they keep babbling about), including a tasty The Last of Us trailer, some Mass Effect 3 footage, and a couple of tie-ins I'm not so bothered about...

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 5th - 11th December 2011


  • EyePet Adventures Review: Kicking off our deluge of handheld reviews this week is EyePet Adventures, which makes use of the largely forgotten PSP camera for some 'augmented reality' weirdness.  A success on the whole, but repetition does threaten to mar the experience.
  • Mario Kart 7 Review: It's tough to believe that Mario Kart is now on its seventh outing.  Thankfully, it's lost none of its charm with age, and works excellently on Nintendo's handheld.  A must-have for fans.
  • Get Up And Dance Review: It takes a brave man to review games like this.  Thankfully, Matt was on hand to brave the dangers of the dancefloor and report that while not doing anything new, Get Up and Dance might just be the stocking filler hardcore fans are looking for.
  • Invizimals: The Lost Tribes Review: Another augmented-reality PSP title from Brendan now, with Invizimals acting as a realisation of 'Pokemon in the real world'.  There's fun to be had, but the game is dogged by inconsistencies.

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 5th - 11th December 2011


  • Touch My Katamari Preview: Innuendo aside, Touch My Katamari is shaping up to be very good indeed.  It's the same Katamari formula we all know and love, only this time you can trace paths on screen with your finger.  Hence, that decidedly dodgy title.
  • Top Ten Tuesdays | Catchy Video Game Themes:  We've only got those instantly recognisable, always memorable chiptune tracks that bring waves of nostalgia flooding back every time they're played.  Matt counts down ten of the catchiest out there.
  • OnLive On The Go | Tablet Impressions: Following on from the news that OnLive has launched on mobiles and tablets nationwide (except Apple devices), Matt puts the service through its paces, and points out the successes and shortcomings of this relatively new form of gaming app.
  • Why We Love . . . The Darklings:  Tom explains why some of the greatest moments in The Darkness were caused by your army of devious minions.  Evisceration being the key.

At A Glance: Weekly Roundup 5th - 11th December 2011

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