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First Glimpse Of Penguin From Arkham City

Felix Kemp
Batman: Arkham City, Games news

First Glimpse Of Penguin From Arkham City

Just as The Dark Knight Rises begins to spill the beans on its particular cast of villians, Rocksteady have followed suit by revealing the first glimpse of oft-rumoured Batman: Arkham City villain, The Penguin, to a select few members of the press. But being the intrepid sleuths that we are at Dealspwn - LA Noire has only sharpened our keen senses - we managed to procure the images and some details on the slimy, avian-loving crook.

First Glimpse Of Penguin From Arkham City

Featuring a bald noggin skirted with slick black hair, a shattered monocle and wicked smirk, Arkham City's Penguin is a far more realistic interpretation of the character than Tim Burton's twisted mutant. The image only shows The Penguin's face, but I think it's safe to assume he'll be squat and round, possibly wielding a devilish umbrella. Alongside him stands one of his thugs, a brutish fellow sporting tattoos and a scimitar-like weapon.

The Penguin has long been rumoured to join the cast of the Arkham Asylum sequel, ever since the first teaser crept through the titular city streets, panning across the Iceberg Lounge, a night-club owned by Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin. And we have even more for you from Rocksteady on their avian-themed villain. Speaking to the Australian Sunday Herald, Dax Ginn explained "The way that Penguin has always been portrayed is as quite an aristocratic, well-spoken gentleman who's got these twisted delusions of grandeur". But Rocksteady is messing with that particular tradition by making him "a really horrible, nasty piece of work - but still with the delusion of grandeur. He dresses well, but in a poor taste, and we've made him this brutish, brutal guy but also key into collection fascination that hes had through out the years".

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