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Global 'What Would Molydeux' Game Jam Kicks Off This Weekend

Jonathan Lester
Game jam, Indie Games, Peter Molyneux, What would Molydeux?

Global 'What Would Molydeux' Game Jam Kicks Off This Weekend

This weekend marks a global game jam celebrating - and parodying - the works of Peter Molyneux. In multiple cities throughout the world, developers plan to code against the clock in order to pioneer some seriously bizarre gameplay concepts (such as a girl with a kite that can sense terrorist attacks), laid out by a humourous fake twitter account.

"You are a bin," suggests another concept. "By day people are throwing litter in you but by night you use that litter to highlight issues in the city through modern art."

Both London and Brighton will play host to these 48 hour events from tomorrow evening, and you can find more details through the links if you plan to swing by or take part. Peter Molyneux himself will be attending the London leg.

We can't wait to discover what they come up with. After all, what would Molydeux?

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