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God of War 3 £28.85 @ Simply Games

Tom Silkstone
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God of War 3 £28.85 @ Simply Games

God of War 3 brings Kratos’ tale of revenge to a satisfying conclusion as he ascends Mt. Olympus and plunges into Hell, whilst seeking out those who have betrayed him.

The game can be yours for £28.85 courtesy of Simply Games, saving you at least a quid on the nearest competition.

The opening cut scene pulls you into this brutal and at times incredibly challenging take on Greek mythology, which is hard to put down and is unbelievably enjoyable to play. The environments are a beauty to behold both technically and artistically. Kratos himself is equally impressive, as he has been given superbly realistic movements. The scaling of the different characters and beasts is unlike anything that has been seen in a game before; Kratos is a mere blip on the screen compared to the enormous Titans, which tower over him.

The bone crunching combat is thrilling and culminates in gruesome death sequences, for example Kratos will pluck the eye out of a Cyclops’ head, or rip the wings from a harpy. Kratos’ secondary weapons are finally a viable alternative to the Blades of Exile, which brings a welcome amount of variety to your enemies’ destruction. The violence is broken up by some wonderfully challenging puzzles that require careful thought to solve, which allows you to recharge your batteries and increases the impact that the action has.

Everything about God of War 3 is epic and for this price its hard to justify not buying it, as you’ll be getting hours upon hours of fantastic gameplay and a story that Homer himself would be proud of.

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TheIllegitimateSonofGunn  Jun. 8, 2010 at 12:24

Honestly, give up on deal posting or change the blurb on the top right. When you're not stealing them from HUKD posters, you're coming up with atrocious ones.

Just because you're saving a quid doesn't automatically make this deal worthy - I'm noticing that you completely failed to pick up on the actual deal price on this game for the brief period it was 24 quid in game and gamestation.

TheIllegitimateSonofGunn  Jun. 8, 2010 at 12:25

Also, that joke wasn't funny the first time you used it.


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