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God Of War: Ascension Singleplayer Trailer

Jonathan Lester
God Of War: Ascension, PS3 games, Sony Santa Monica Studios, trailer

The latest trailer for God Of War: Ascension gives us another look at the singleplayer campaign, which has been ignored lately in favour of crowing about the multiplayer suite. A demo is slated to hit PSN tomorrow, so you won't have long to wait before getting hands-on with Sony Santa Monica's prequel.

Ascension certainly seems to be a visceral and satisfying brawler, at least from what we've seen of it, but will it be able to drive the franchise forward or simply sideways for a bit? We'll find out on March 13th.

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bggriffiths  Feb. 28, 2013 at 21:39

The demo on the EU store can only be found with a manual search. For some reason it's not under 'demos' or 'what's new'. Good job burying games again, Sony. I bloody hate the new-look store for this very reason.

The US store at least have the demo front and centre.

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