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God of War III £19.99 @ Gamestation [PS3 Games]

Matt Gardner
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God of War III £19.99 @ Gamestation [PS3 Games]

If this series has taught us anything it's that you should never trust anyone who's cropped up in a Greek myth. The whole crew are back in another tale of betrayal and backstabbing as the terminally pissed-off Kratos essentially tries to kill off anyone ever mentioned by Homer and Apollodorus.

So, the deal at GAME may have run out, but you can still nip over to Gamestation to get to grips with Kratos' third adventure for under £20 and save yourself around £8 in the process.

If you ever played the first two games expect to see more of the same, but shinier....and that's no bad thing. grabbing the concept of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' with both hands, sony's Santa Monica studio have really excelled themselves this time around. If there's a word to describe this final chapter in the trilogy it would be 'epic'. I'm not really talking in terms of the the size of the game, but rather the thrill you get when playing it. The sheer scale of the thing, most effectively realised in the staggering, breathtaking battles with the gigantic titans, has to be seen to be believed. Everything from the level design to the weapons, Kratos' movements to the vast array of enemies he faces, from the visceral combat to the intelligent puzzles, has been polished and enhanced.

And then there's the story itself.

Reading like an Apollodoran Who's Who, there are a vast number of mythological cameos - a large number of whom inevitably end up dead (this is Kratos we're talking about after all...he doesn't do afternoon tea with the family) - the narrative has Kratos marching upon Olympus with the titans to try and topple the Big Man once more, only everything goes wrong, the titan Gaia betrays him, and he wakes up in the Underworld with all of his vicious trinkets gone. Cue an epic journey from the depths of hell to the highest peak of power.

If you've got a PS3 and you don't own this then frankly you should take a good long hard look at yourself in the mirror before purchasing it immediately. If you don't own a PS3 then buy this anyway, then start saving for a PS3. It'll be worth it.

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