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Godfather 2 £3.75 @ Amazon [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
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Godfather 2 £3.75 @ Amazon [PC Games] Godfather II certainly had a job to live up to its epic source material, and although hardcore fans of the Coppola masterpiece will be shaking their heads in total despair after the first five minutes of this game sequel, it’s definitely worth a punt at this price. You can now pick up a copy for only £3.75 from Amazon, which is a good deal considering the next best price comes in at just under a fiver.

As you’d probably expect, the voice acting, storyline and the game’s attempt to create virtual characters which in any way resembles their on screen counterparts is shockingly poor. This is surprising given the fact that I always thought the first Godfather game did quite a good job when it came to James Kahn as Sunny and Richard Castellano as Clemenza (although, like the sequel, Al Pacino as Michael proved problematic). Of course, none of this would really matter if the sequel had a great game at its core, but unfortunately, Godfather 2 does have a few problems.

What I found most disappointing was the way it seemed to actually regress in many areas compared with the original. Despite the fact there’s an impressive selection of weapons, none of them feel like they pack much of a punch. Visually the game also seems a little inferior compared with its predecessor. The most annoying thing however is that Godfather 2 has so many good ideas going on which, if only they’d been well executed, could have come together to create something special.

The ‘Don’s View’ and the fact you can recruit a crew of specialists were all welcome additions to the gameplay, but all completely undermined by bugs, glitches and poor AI. So while it’s an entertaining experience (sometimes for the wrong reasons as you’ll find yourself laughing out loud at the tacky cut scenes and dumb allies how constantly get run over or fall through windows) it’s frustrating the developers didn’t put more effort into getting it right. For £24.99, this is far from being an offer you can’t refuse. But for £3.75, it’s worth it just for the entertainment value.

Thanks to Skabob from Hotukdeals.

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