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The Godfather II £11.86 @ Shopto [PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
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The Godfather II £11.86 @ Shopto [PS3 Games]The Godfather II is arguably one of the greatest movie sequels ever made, and, regarding the video game sequel, you can imagine the pressure on EA to create something worthy of its epic source material. However, to the bitter disappoint of fans like me who – despite its flaws – really enjoyed the original game, The Godfather II is a bit of a mess.

That said however, it’s a game which is enjoyable to play through once. But the fact the whole thing is consistently let down by bugs and rubbish gameplay mechanics is really frustrating, especially when you consider what a great game this could have been. And while you certainly wouldn’t want to be caught paying between £30-40, it is worth a go for £11.86  - especially since the next best deal comes in at £13.99.

One of the main problems with this sequel is it just feels rushed. This is especially irritating when you consider the fact that new elements like the ‘Don View’, where you can get an immediate overview of your business and dispatch muscle to protect your interests around the city, could have worked really well. Unfortunately however, there are so many bugs and glitches which sporadically turn up throughout the gameplay that you’re left with the impression that the game is, well, unfinished.

The fact that you can recruit a crew to follow you around and who all posses various skills was again, a welcome new addition. But this is constantly undermined by poor team AI. Your men just can’t do anything right. They often get run over, or run around backwards whilst looking at the floor, or else, when you tell them to enter a building; they’ll do so by tumbling through a window instead of using the door. On the plus side the game does have an impressive array of weapons to get your hands on, but it’s unfortunate that the developers couldn’t spice up the gameplay and make it a little less repetitious.

As it stands, the Godfather 2 has directly inherited the problems of its predecessor, like the fact you simply go around taking over dozens of businesses yourself or else get missions from random people on the street. The new elements are welcome, but it’s a shame the developers couldn’t address some of the more fundamental problems with the Godfather format. Instead, with regard to many areas of gameplay, it’s like they’ve taken a step backwards. Personally, I like to think that maybe EA Redshores just ran out of time, or money, or were too ambitious - but, in all honesty, sometimes it seems like they just couldn’t be bothered…

Thanks to Christopherguy25 from Hotukdeals.

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