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The Godfather II £11.93 @ The Hut [PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
Action Games, PS3 games, The Godfather
Playstation 3

The Godfather II £11.93 @ The Hut [PS3 Games]It’s true that the Godfather 2 is probably one of the best film sequels ever made, but, to the bitter disappointment of fans like me, things didn’t quite pan out so well for the game. Despite the fact that it’s fun to play through once, Godfather 2 is a sequel which fails to improve the format of its predecessor in the way many of us were expecting. But that said, if you enjoyed the first Godfather edition this is still worth a punt, especially as you can now pick up a copy from The Hut for just £11.93. This is a great price given that the next cheapest deal will set you back £14.95 from Zavvi.

One of the main problems with Godfather 2 is that it just feels rushed. This is really frustrating given that the new elements like the ‘Don View’, where you can get an immediate overview of your business and dispatch muscle to protect your interests around the city, could have worked really well. Unfortunately however, there are so many bugs and glitches which sporadically turn up throughout the gameplay that you’re left with the impression that the game is, well, unfinished.

The fact that you can recruit a crew to follow you around and who all posses various skills was again, a welcome new addition. But this is constantly undermined by poor team AI. Your men just can’t do anything right. They often run out into the street and get run over, or run around backwards whilst looking at the floor, or else, when you tell them to enter a building; they’ll do so by tumbling through a window rather than using the door. On the plus side the game does have an impressive array of weapons to get your hands on, but it’s unfortunate that the developers couldn’t spice up the gameplay and make it less repetitious.

As it stands, the Godfather 2 has directly inherited the problems of its predecessor, like the fact you simply go around taking over dozens of businesses yourself or else get missions from random people on the street. The new elements are welcome, but it’s a shame the developers couldn’t address some of the more fundamental problems with the Godfather format. The Godfather II £11.93 @ The Hut [PS3 Games]Paying full price for this and you’d certainly feel ripped off, but at just over a tenner, Godfather 2 is certainly worth playing through once…

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