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Golden Axe: Beast Rider £4.98 @ Blockbuster [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Golden Axe: Beast Rider £4.98 @ Blockbuster [XBox 360 Games]

Secret Level's attempt to ressurrect the much loved Sega franchise is a depressing, dull dirge that is best avoided at all costs. If you love the series enough to risk witnessing its degradation, then at least you can do so cheaply, with Blockbuster sending it to your door for less than a fiver. This is almost half the price of the next best offer, £9.75 from Shop To.

The game stars warrior woman Tyris Flare, who boasts unrivalled skill in magic and combat, as she takes up arms to fight off the evil armies of the dark lord Death Adder. The story is confusing and erratic and is easy to lose in the mire of miserable combat.

This is an ugly game with muddy textures and very poor animation. Dodgy programming means that Beast Rider is riddled with invisible walls and that the titular beasts are sluggish, awkward tanks that feel clunky and frustrating to control. The combat is dull and trying, confounded by lame sound effects, a very basic set of moves and enemies which vary between annoying and infuriating.

The campaign is at least rather lengthy (giving you plenty of time to implode with boredom) and there are a few bonus offerings once you are done with that (not that you are likely to be in a hurry for any more Beast Rider action). Bizarrely, however, there is no cooperative play, despite this being a big part of how the original Golden Axe made its name over twenty years ago.

Thanks to goonertillidie at Hotukdeals!

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