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Goldeneye Reloaded Unveiled, Due In Autumn

Felix Kemp
Goldeneye 007, Goldeneye Reloaded
Goldeneye Reloaded | Playstation 3 | Xbox 360

Goldeneye Reloaded Unveiled, Due In Autumn

The oft-rumored Goldeneye Reloaded is official, with Activision announcing the HD remake of the Wii's N64 remake, Goldeneye 007, earlier this morning. Original developers Eurocom are at the helm, with a new engine in place boasting a 60FPS frame rate and updated AI hellbent on murdering the retrofitted Daniel Craig avatar. It's due this Autumn on Xbox 360 and PS3, with no sign of a Wii U port. Yet.

Being a remake, you can expect to trawl through the same missions you've already completed in Goldeneye 007, albeit with a fresh coat of high-definition paint. Along with the single-player campaign, Eurocom have added a challenge-based mode dubbed MI6 Ops. Elimination forces Bond to complete a mission on the clock, whereas Assault sees you storming an enemy base. Stealth has Bond channeling his inner-Sam Fisher, silently offing folks, and finally Wave Defence pits 007 against - you guessed it - reloading waves of goons.

MI6 Ops boasts online leaderboards, which publisher Activision claims adds a further ten hours to the main game. Eurocom isn't skimping on the competitive multiplayer side, either, with 10 maps on offer with support for up to 16 players. Split-screen multiplayer is in, and Activision alludes to the multiplayer experience channeling Bond's profession as a spy, rather than a run-and-gun soldier. Interesting.

But wait; there's more! Challenge Mission Designer affords players the power to muck around with the multiplayer modes, adding modifiers such as Paintball, Golden Gun Exploding Heads. Eurogamer got hands-on with a single player level from Goldeneye Reloaded last week, which plays a lot like Call of Duty, apparently. "Because it's a first-person shooter and because Call of Duty is one of the biggest FPS brands it's inevitable," explains producer James Steer.

Considering recent Call of Duties have been plundering Bond films for inspiration, I wouldn't worry, James. You're just returning the favor. We'll have more for you on Goldeneye Reloaded very soon. [Eurogamer]

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dj_urban  Jul. 20, 2011 at 17:58

Sounds good

could have added a trailer to the description

here is a link to a video on youtube must say it looks impressive



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