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Gollop On XCOM: Enemy Unknown: "Firaxis Has Done A Great Job"

Matt Gardner
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Gollop On XCOM: Enemy Unknown: "Firaxis Has Done A Great Job"

It's always good to get the seal of approval fro the legend who created the original upon which your reboot is based, and Julian Gollop appears to be pretty pleased with the manner in which Firaxis rebooted his original game - UFO: Enemy Unknown - with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, saying that the team did "a great job".

“I think Firaxis has done a great job,” Gollop told Eurogamer. "The game is addictive and absorbing, not to mention quite challenging on the classic difficulty setting.

“Most of their decisions have been pretty sensible, and they have made a very console-friendly game,” he continued. "Overall I think they have preserved the essence of the original X-Com.”

There were one or two minor gripes that Gollop had with the reboot, however, chief amongst them being that, in his opinion, "that the positions of events and bases in the world view have no relevance at all. I often get the feeling that some things are just too deliberately contrived. The three simultaneous abduction sites [of which the player can only respond to one] being the worst offender."

He did, however, acknowledge that this did have a purpose:

"The original X-Com had significantly more pseudo-random elements. However, it is clear that they have been following Sid Meier's dictum that games are essentially about making interesting decisions. They have strived to make every decision have some kind of trade-off."

We named XCOM: Enemy Unknown our Game of the Month for October.

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Late  Nov. 28, 2012 at 16:26

Nice to read in that article that JG's revisiting Chaos. I loved "Chaos" and "Lords of Chaos", back in the day.


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