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Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Not Dead

Felix Kemp
Beyond Good and Evil 2, Michael Ancel, Ubisoft

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Not Dead

Ubisoft Finally Shows Off Some Stuff, Unofficially

We've long feared that Ubisoft's much-anticipated sequel to Michael Ancel's cult-classic hit, Beyond Good & Evil, would never see the light of retail release. Announced back in 2008, the project then went unnervingly quiet, and Ancel has since moved on to the Rayman reboot. However, Ubisoft have always maintained the game is not dead, and Ancel recently revealed a portion of his team had been working slowly but surely on the title, finalizing the concept. Well, it appears they're finally willing to talk about and even show it, as footage and media from an invitation-only event has leaked on to the net.

According to Ancel, he flew his team out to India to gather vital research from the country for BG&2. Low-res shots of the game's concept art showcase the exotic architecture and culture of the game, which appears to be far more realistic and modern than the pseudo-stylized affair of the last game. Notable spots include monastery-esque buildings sporting Indian deities; ramshackle vehicles akin to 'tuk-tuks'; sprawling landscapes and makeshift aerial vehicles.

All this research has been translated to the game engine, which allows for players to explore huge, immersive cities and environments. An emphasis on detail and interaction was noted. Ancel demonstrated this with a scripted sequence from the game, where series' protagonist Jade flees pursuers across a busy city, showcasing her traversal acumen with aplomb.

All in all, some very encouraging news, and I wouldn't be surprised if Beyond Good & Evil 2 was a big part of Ubisoft's E3 2012 plans. We'll have more for you as and when it arrives. [Neogaf]

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bggriffiths  Nov. 22, 2011 at 00:07

Glad to see some signs of this game again. Although I'm disappointed that they're showing the same video that was leaked over two years ago (see link). If they've nothing else to show yet, then maybe it's still a long way off. Fingers crossed though. http://nosleepgamer.com/2009/05/15/beyond-good-evil-2-gameplay-video-maybe/

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