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From Beyond Good & Evil HD To The FIFA 11 Price War - News Roundup 30th September 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Beyond Good & Evil HD Hitting PSN and XBLA Next Year

From Beyond Good & Evil HD To The FIFA 11 Price War - News Roundup 30th September 2010

Beyond Good & Evil is the very definition of a cult classic; garnering overwhelming critical acclaim and abjectly miserable sales figures. However, a shiny HD version has now been confirmed for both Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network.

There's no firm release date beyond 'next year,' but this revamp will apparently boast 1080p visuals, new character models, impressive texturing, a fully remastered soundtrack, leaderboards (for some reason) and naturally a bevy of achievements or trophies. In case you didn't know

It's about time. Listen folks, just buy the damn thing this time around!

3DS Was Supposed To Launch This Year

From Beyond Good & Evil HD To The FIFA 11 Price War - News Roundup 30th September 2010

The March launch window for the 3DS came as surprise to many Nintendo fans, since their consoles tend to coincide with the holiday season. However, Ninty president Satoru Iwata has told a panel of industry analysts that they had originally hoped for a 2010 release. Apparently supply problems have scuppered the planned schedule, thus forcing head office to push back the release date into next year.

Maybe there's just not enough raw happiness to stuff into each and every 3DS. Or, you know, those tricksy parallax barrier screens might be causing problems. [WSJ via Kotaku]

Supermarkets Ignite FIFA 11 Price War

From Beyond Good & Evil HD To The FIFA 11 Price War - News Roundup 30th September 2010

We specialise in online delivery deals here, but as many of you may remember from (and took advantage of) last year, the major supermarket chains tend to compete over who can offer the lowest launch prices for the FIFA series. FIFA 11 will be hitting store shelves tomorrow- and as you might expect, the supermarkets are going berzerk.

  • First of all, Asda are retailing at £29.97 or 97p with a current trade-in (e.g. Halo Reach or Dead Rising 2).
  • Sainsburys are selling for £25 when you spend £30 or more in store. If you're gearing up for a weekly shop, this could well be way to go.
  • Tesco and Morrisons are bottoming out with some fairly week combo deals when bought with another chart title.

As I like to say: this is half news, half deal and all awesome. Why not grab a copy with your next grocery run? Naturally, we'll be bringing you a review of FIFA 11 asap. [via VG247 and tips]

Player Builds Working 16-bit Computer in Minecraft; Gets Job

Minecraft has proven to be a massive Indie hit, allowing players to construct pretty much anything in the sandbox environment. Naturally we've seen many a Mario level and geeky homage make a welcome appearance... but user theinternetftw has constructed a 16-bit Arithetic Logic Engine that will soon be capable of running actual code. This is astounding, folks- partly because it's a working virtual...physical...computer... within a computer, and partly due to the fact that it's the size of a small town.

Oh and to all you naysayers who are about to cry "why should we care," the creator has been offered a job based solely on the project. The system works, folks- and I just hope that the same is true of the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace and LittleBigPlanet community.

I'll be venturing out from the safety of my news desk to hit the Eurogamer Expo this weekend. Hopefully I'll see some of you there! And give y'all a free T Shirt.

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