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"Gotham is mine!" - Batman: Arkham Knight gets sinister new trailer

Jonathan Lester
Batman: Arkham Knight, PC games, PS4 games, Sandbox games, trailer, Xbox One Games

Batman: Arkham Knight may not be out until June, but chances are you're already champing at the bat. I mean, bit. To stoke the flames, Rocksteady have released a new trailer entitled "Gotham Is Mine," giving us another look at the gorgeous Gotham sandbox as well as the two deadly enemies trying to bring it to its knees.

Want to pre-order? You can currently buy Arkham Knight for £44.75 on PS4 and Xbox One (Amazon are a few pence dearer but are more likely to deliver on time). The Batman: Arkham Knight Amazon Exclusive Edition with Batman memorial statue is still in stock on Xbox One too.

Meanwhile, if you need to catch up on the previous games, you can still buy the Batman: Arkham Trilogy for £10 on PS3 or PC.

What did you make of the trailer? Excited for Arkham Knight? Be sure to catch up on our Batman: Arkham Knight hands-on preview and sound off in the comments!

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Late  Feb. 25, 2015 at 15:01

Damnit! I'd pushed this to the back of my mind for a few months, but now I need it. I need it now!

And not just because Harley Quinn's looking damned fine, as usual.

She is, though.

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