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Grab some Xbox 360 bargains in the Xbox Live Deals Of The Week

Jonathan Lester
Xbox 360 games, Xbox Live

Grab some Xbox 360 bargains in the Xbox Live Deals Of The Week

Xbox One ignored again

Are you ready for some massive Xbox One deals of the week?Prepare to be disappointed, then, because all we've got are a few discounted DLC packs for Need For Speed Rivals.

Never mind, though, because once again the real flavour can be found on Xbox 360. There's a wealth of publisher promotions to take advantage of, such as the entire first season of The Wolf Among Us for £6.59, PvZ: Garden Warfare for £16.74 and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon at £3.29. Check out all the prices and marketplace links below, but not before giving full credit to Rodders89 @ HUKD, who was Johnny-on-the-spot this this morning!

Naff Xbox One DLC 'Deals'

X360 Deals With Gold:

Open To All (X360):

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Late  Aug. 26, 2014 at 12:11

Damnit, Microsoft, give us good deals on xbox One games, not on 360 games.
You never know - people might actually upgrade their consoles if they think they'll be able to get good games for cheap.

Now not sure whether to pay £14.72 for TWAU and TWD, or wait for them to come out on the One. Where they'll probably be closer to £60. For presumably the exact same game, with the exact same graphics etc.
Common sense says buy them on the 360. But I have a big stack of 360 games still in cellophane because I've not turned the console on in nearly a year.


Last edited by Late, Aug. 26, 2014 at 12:14


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