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Grab an Xbox One for just £399.99 via Simply Games

Matt Gardner
Games consoles, Microsoft, Xbox One

Grab an Xbox One for just £399.99 via Simply Games

Xbox One console only | £399.99 | Simply Games (via Play)

Play are doing that slightly confusing thing where they act as a nice little front for already legit shops. Still, when it leads to cheap prices we're not complaining, and Simply Games are flogging Xbox One consoles for under £400 on the Rakuten marketplace.

No games for this price, but if you don't fancy spending £30 on FIFA 14 then it might be good for a nibble. You won't be able to take advantage of Microsoft's One Extra Game for £20 initiative, mind. Good spot akheirax!

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[email protected]  Feb. 24, 2014 at 14:41

Probably want to hold off on that purchase and get the Titanfall bundle for the same price.

Not that I would buy anything from SimplyGames after their treatment of customers' PS4 pre-orders.


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