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Graham: "We Will Never Stop Creating Humble Indie Bundles"

Matt Gardner
Humble Bundle, John Graham, The Humble THQ Bundle, THQ

Graham: "We Will Never Stop Creating Humble Indie Bundles"

Humble Bundle co-founder John Graham has moved to assure gamers that the company, who've become renowned for their pay-what-you-want packages of lower-key, independent titles that sees consumers choosing the amount and the distribution of their donations, will still be supporting smaller developers after recent backlash concerning their latest Bundle - a partnership with THQ.

Graham told Ars Technica that the company will "never stop creating Humble Indie Bundles... and the other bundle types we've successfully launched this year. But we’re also eager to see if our pay-what-you-want plus charity model meshes with critically acclaimed AAA content as well."

Graham also pointed towards the other, more experimental, bundle that the company has released this year, noting that although independent developers formed the core of the business, it's been exciting to see how the framework might suit larger titles as well.

"This year has also been a year of many experiments for us that fall outside the traditional Humble Indie Bundle framework," he said. "We’re very excited to be able to offer the gaming community a massive sale with blockbuster content and raise money for charity at the same time. We will of course continue to support indies content as a core of our business."

It certainly seems to have benefitted the ailing THQ, who saw a cool few million dollars trickle in within a day or two, and has led to a stock increase over the short term.

Update: It looks as though the larger bundles could remain  part of Humble Bundle's arsenal going forward, particularly if a recent statement made to RPS is to be believed, witht he company pointing to both increased revenue for the charities supported, and fulfilling the desires of an excited community.

“When THQ expressed interest in our pay what you want plus charity model and willingness to let us bundle so many top tier titles, we couldn’t believe it at first,” a rep told RPS. “But trying to turn up our noses at this epic chance to make gamers happy and help worthy causes like Child’s Play and the American Red Cross could only have been defined as arrogance.  We had to try and we were extremely curious to see what would happen.

“So far, it’s been pretty well received: we’re on record pace both in total sales and number of purchases.  It looks like we’ve passed the two million dollar mark in just 16 hours. We are hopeful that this excitement is growing our community in a way that can only help our future promotions, and rest assured that indie bundles will continue to be an important part of our business.”

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