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Grand Theft Auto IV £14.95 @ Zavvi [Xbox 360]

Marius Goubert
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Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto IV £14.95 @ Zavvi [Xbox 360]As the price of Grand Theft Auto IV continues to drop, anyone who has yet to add this classic title to their collection can now do so for less than £15. On the XBOX 360, a brand new copy of GTA IV will now only set you back £14.95 from Zavvi. That comes in a good few quid cheaper than the next best offer of £17.95 from DVD.CO.UK.

As anyone who doesn’t currently own a copy the game will surely have noticed, GTA IV is quite different to what’s gone before in the series. Sure, it still has the usual Spaghetti Western type format where you play the foreign gunslinger, but Rockstar have gone and made things a lot more realistic, not just in terms of visuals, but also regarding the brutality of the characters and storyline.

Like in the film Gomarroh, the glamour is well and truly off on this one. The radio stations are not as quirky, the characters not as comical, and even Niko himself, although the narrative of the game tries to give him this twisted sense of morality, is not very likable. True, completing the game is an experience which every gamer has to go through at least once – and GTA IV is a most certainly a fundamental addition to everyone’s game collection – but after a while, you might find yourself pining for the cheeky gameplay of SA and VC.   

Thanks to Jake1983 from Hotukdeals.

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Gunn  Sep. 3, 2009 at 14:33

I had found this while browsing on The Hut.


Not sure why it's down as pre-order, I wasn't aware of a "classic" version whatever that is.

Marius Goubert  Sep. 3, 2009 at 14:59

I agree that's a bit odd. Good price although it didn't show up on price comparison. Thanks for posting.


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