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Grand Theft Auto IV £16.99 @ Grainger Games [PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Grand Theft Auto IV £16.99 @ Grainger Games [PS3 Games]If you still have yet to experience the mighty Grand Theft Auto IV, it is currently up for just £16.99 from Grainger Games. According to price comparison this is by far the lowest price you’ll be able to get a brand new copy of the game, with the next best deal going for £17.95 from DVD.CO.UK.

Grand Theft Auto IV hails a departure from the more cheeky, tongue–in–cheek style of previous editions like Vice City. The game has much greater emphasis upon gritty realism which, on the plus side, provides disturbingly graphic scenes of violence but, on the downside, means GTA IV loses its characteristic cartoon-style veneer. Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 3 etc were all larger than life, almost like something out of a comic book, whereas, for all its strengths, GTA IV fails to be quite so endearing.

However the game is by no means a let down. Graphically it is staggering; the way cars take damage, the gun battles, the building interiors and the overall attention to detail is just overwhelming. When I first played this game (on PC) I spent about half an hour just walking round the streets marvelling at the city; completely blown away by how alive it felt. There is no doubt that this is a game which every gamer should have in their collection, and despite the slight criticism, few could dispute that GTA IV is an incredible feat both graphically and in terms of gameplay.

Thanks to Whizzkid from Hotukdeals.

Grand Theft Auto IV £16.99 @ Grainger Games [PS3 Games]

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Fudge  Aug. 23, 2009 at 15:45

Good price but with the 360 having 2 new GTA games this October and the PS3 not getting either the 360 is the pick for any GTA fan..

john  Aug. 23, 2009 at 17:45

whats th car in th pic?


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