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Grand Theft Auto IV £19.99 @ Shopto.net [PS3 Game]

Marius Goubert
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Grand Theft Auto IV £19.99 @ Shopto.net [PS3 Game]

For those who have still not experienced the epic GTA4 then good news: its price has cut by almost £5 to a very acceptable £19.99 on shopto.net.

Grand Theft Auto IV is probably one of the most eagerly anticipated sequels of recent years. It follows the story of an Eastern European immigrant named Niko Bellic who, after fleeing his war – torn homeland, is looking for a fresh start in Liberty City. Along with his petty criminal cousin Roman, Niko immediately sets about establishing his reputation within the Liberty City underworld and making something of a name for himself as a ruthless but reliable fixer.

Most notably, GTA4 hails an abrupt departure from the tongue – in- cheek style of the previous Grand Theft Auto formats. Most significant is the games sudden emphasis on gritty realism which encompasses all aspects of gameplay from the story, vehicle handling, car crashes and shooting. This sets GTA4 apart from the colourful, cheeky and rather endearing character of San Andreas and particularly Vice City.

What results is a game which, when you first play it, seems so incredible it’s almost too good to be true. Simply the level of detail on offer; from the pedestrians with their unique clothing, shopping bags, and drinks containers to the buildings, with their messy corridors and meticulous interiors, is staggering. However the problem is that after a while the player simply gets used to all of this and the novelty fades.

The problem with GTA4 is that although its humorous, the story is not exactly Scorsese, and apart from the missions, the game has little else to offer. This means that once completed you’re left in this vast, superbly laid out city with nothing to do but wind up the police. Another problem which, even though it sounds small, is actually surprisingly big: the radio stations are rubbish! It is interesting what a difference this makes to the game. It just doesn’t have the quality driving music which really got you through those massive treks on VC and SA.Grand Theft Auto IV £19.99 @ Shopto.net [PS3 Game]

But even so, GTA4 has some remarkable moments. The car crashes are frighteningly realistic, the car damage is fantastic and the gun battles (particularly inside buildings) are great fun. Although the game might not have you going back for more and more like Vice City and San Andreas, it is worth buying a copy just to complete it that one time. Like all games, GTA4 has its flaws, but is definitely up there in the top five you must play before you die. So don’t let it pass you by!

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