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Grand Theft Auto V Rumours Mount Up

Felix Kemp
Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V Rumours Mount Up

San Andreas, Parachutes & Mayan Apocalypse Parodies?

Rockstar is set to finally unveil the fifth Grand Theft Auto game this week, with a trailer being primed for Wednesday. We're all very, very excited. However, as the trailer's release date looms, it's only natural that a number of sites and sources will feign insider knowledge of GTA V in a shallow attempt at attracting increased hits. However, over at Save And Quit Gaming, they've stumbled on an anonymous forum post from 4chan outing supposed details on the next Grand Theft Auto adventure. We've no idea if they're true or not, but they appear pretty credible, and all will be revealed on Wednesday when the trailer breaks the internet again is released.

So, what did the anonymous forum poster have to say on GTA V? Well, first off, the fifth Grand Theft Auto is indeed a return to San Andreas, starting out in the Los Santos district where you, Adrian, a young Hispanic man belonging to an unspecified gang, is set upon by rivals the Varrios Los Aztecas, ending up beaten and robbed.

According to the poster, GTA V "revolves around money in a big deal. I’d reveal the big idea, but I don’t want to ruin it". While we are returning to San Andreas, it's no longer the early 90s, but 2012, and Rockstar will be their usual satirical selves, parodying the Mayan's warning of an impending apocalypse set for the New Year.

GTA V's San Andreas boasts all the same cities players will remember from the original, albeit having grown larger and more detailed from the generation jump between their respective platforms. Gang turf wars make a return, with a number of different factions controlling certain portions of the city, all with their own original graffiti art. Adrian will be able to tag walls with custom art, too.

Multiplayer is a big deal in GTA V, too, apparently. On consoles, it'll boast 32 player modes on consoles and a massive 64 on PC. You'll be able to plow through the story with a friend in co-op, and the entire online experience will feature dedicated servers. On PC only, though. Regarding the PC version, often overlooked by Rockstar upon release, the company is handing it off to their Leeds outfit who'll be working hard to ensure it's ready for a same day release date as its console siblings. The poster claims to have seen the game on PC, where it's faring far better than previous Rockstar PC endeavors.

The poster had much more to say on GTA V, although what he's revealed could be considered massive spoilers, so until we can confirm the source's validity, we won't be posting them here. However, if you're interested in checking out what he had to say, simply track back to the source over at Save and Quit.

But what do you think, Dealspwners? Does this sound like it could be true? Or is it simply a fan running wild with speculation before a big reveal? [Save and Quit Gaming]


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