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Grasshopper Manufacture Reveals Diabolical Pitch

Jonathan Lester
Codename D, Diabolical Pitch, Grasshopper Manufacture, Kinect games

Grasshopper Manufacture Reveals Diabolical Pitch

So That's What The 'D' Stands For...

Grasshopper Manufacture has lifted the lid off of mysterious Kinect exclusive Codename D, which has now been officially titled Diabolical Pitch.

It's a bit weird. Natch.

Essentially, Diabolical Pitch is a baseball game set during a zombie apocalypse, challenging players to fend off the shambling horrors with their trusty bat. Two players can cooperate, with one throwing balls into the air while their partner belts them at the approaching undead hordes. Special attacks and health regeneration can be triggered using gestures such as fist-bumping, striking poses or even lifting your partner off the ground. You'll also be able to use your baseball bat in melee combat. Microsoft has previously touted Diabolical Pitch as an example of a "core" Kinect game, but from the looks of things, the word "niche" might be slightly more appropriate. Whether or not the baseball theme will resonate with European audiences remain to be seen. [via Joystiq]

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