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GRAW 2 £8.73 @ The Hut [Xbox 360 Games]

Marius Goubert
First person shooter, Ghost Recon, Xbox 360 games
Xbox 360

GRAW 2 £8.73 @ The Hut [Xbox 360 Games]If you’re into your tactical first person shooters then you’re sure to have come across the Ghost Recon series. Currently, Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter 2 is going for a very decent £8.73 at the hut. According to price comparison, you’d be hard pressed to get hold of a copy for under £15.

The first Ghost Recon thoroughly wowed audiences upon its release. The strategic, methodical slow pace of the game, combined with great graphics, great explosions, tons of customization options and really satisfying fire fights, made it one of the best first person shooters of recent times. Although the sequel more or less applies the same format as Ghost Recon 1, there is a lot of refinement and some great new features.

The player once again takes control of Captain Scott Mitchell who, one year on from the prior addition, has returned to Mexico City where things have deteriorated into a full blown civil war. This means that the stakes are higher than ever before, with Mitchell and his squad having to face the possibility of a full blown nuclear strike.

On the downside according to IGN , the game is not particularly long which is bit disappointing. However it does have a 16 player multiplayer mode which, although IGN say it would be better if the levels were open to more players, is one of its strongest features. All in all, fans of the first Ghost Recon will not be disappointed. Although the critics always find something to moan about, GRAW 2  still got an averge 90% rating, and would undoubtably make a great addition to you FPS collection.

Thanks to Bluedusk from Hotukdeals.

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DT  Jul. 30, 2009 at 20:42

TheGameCollection.net are doing R6V2 on Xbox 360 for £9.95. Seems a better deal to me as GRAW 2 is well old!


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