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Grease | £13.99 | Gameplay & Gamestation | DS

Jonathan Lester
DS games, Games deals, Grease, Rhythm games
Nintendo DS
Grease | £13.99 | Gameplay & Gamestation | DS

It's automatic! It's hydromatic! It can't really decide on a target audience! Grease on the DS is essentially a low-budget Elite Beat Agents with a 50s soundtrack... and actually isn't all that bad. You'll jab and swipe the stylus across the screen in time with the music, following the love story of Danny and Sandy as they fall in love and inexplicably sing and/or dance in public places. Unfortunately it also intersects with the minuscule overlap of gamers that love Grease and own a DS. The sound quality is good, the music is... well, you know what the music is... but there isn't a huge amount of content here. Chances are you'll have already made up your mind after reading the title and price.

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