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GT5 Signature Edition | £99.99 | GAME 1 Day Sale | PS3

Jonathan Lester
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Playstation 3
GT5 Signature Edition | £99.99 | GAME 1 Day Sale | PS3

Brendan really liked GT5- and said so in his full review (which didn't stop a whole bunch of you moaning). Most of you will have already preordered GT5 and unlocked the full damage model by now, but if you're still pining for the ludicrous Signature edition, now's your chance. Metal case? Wallet? Awesome collectible model car? A chance to win a real Mercedes? Yes please. The jury's still out on whether this edition is sublime or ridiclous... but I'd argue that it's both in equal measure. Remember, this deal is good for one day only!

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cookiemonster83  Dec. 6, 2010 at 15:15

A great price, in the context of what it usually sells for. I personally feel that £69.99 - £74.99 would be a suitable pricepoint for this.


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