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COMMENT | GTA 5 gets First-Person mode, but is it worth buying again?

Matt Gardner
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COMMENT | GTA 5 gets First-Person mode, but is it worth buying again?

Grand Theft Auto 5's new-gen first-person mode was unveiled yesterday via an IGN First Look, amongst other things, and here are a few of our thoughts on the reveal, the new perspective, the prospect of new-gen GTA 5, and whether or not it's a must-buy this Holiday Season.


As someone who found GTA 5 to be a little lacking in terms of really drawing me into the world, I'm enormously excited for the first-person mode that Rockstar have added to the new-gen release. It's not simply a matter of repositioning the camera, to really make it work you need to retweak everything to make the game feel like it was made for that perspective, and it looks as though the developers have really gone the extra distance to do that.

COMMENT | GTA 5 gets First-Person mode, but is it worth buying again?

I'm a little biased in that regard, I find third-person perspectives to be far inferior when it comes to eliciting a sense of immersion in a game -- though caveats for that can be made regarding acrobatic action titles. In this respect, I think GTA lends itself brilliantly to a first-person perspective -- it already makes the vehicular stuff more thrilling, though the interiors look like arse -- and I'm looking forward to seeing how it changes the feel and the rhythm of the game. It's one change, but I reckon it could have a huge impact.

It's something that makes the whole "Remastered" package a bit more palatable, although I'm pretty sure that most of us here at Dealspwn will be holding out for the PC version (Brendan doesn't like PCs... he finds them untrustworthy, suspicious machines). A change in perspective has the potential to make for a totally different game, and though I place little stock in the usefulness of IGN's reporting, it's an excitement that I rather share, irrespective of platform.

It's all about the PC version, though. GTA V will be 1080p/30fps on Xbox One and PS4, but will offer up to 4k resolution on PC. Then you factor in the modding, the community (seriously just look at GTA IV's longevity), and it's kind of a no-brainer for me.

Not going back to GTAO until they bring in those damn heists, mind.


COMMENT | GTA 5 gets First-Person mode, but is it worth buying again?

First-person GTA is a great idea. As someone who refuses to drive virtual cars in anything other than first-person view -- as a driver myself, I can't make sense of third person -- I already spend half of my time looking out of Michael, Franklin and Trevor's eyeballs. Why not spend the other half getting up close and personal?

GTA V's other improvements also look pretty decent, if unremarkable. Your DualShock will talk to you and change colour (yay). There are one thousand and eighty horizontal lines of vertical resolution and progressive scan, for those who love comparing numbers of things (for the record, 4000 is a bigger number). Still no word on those damned heists, but if I didn't have any games to play, I'd probably give this new version a second thought.

Thing is, though, I currently have all the games in the world. So many games, games galore, a great dirty heaped overflowing bucketful of entertainment software with more to come before Christmas. My Xbox One is an absolute beast, delivering everything from Forza Horizon 2 to Halo: The All Of It Collection and Sunset Overdrive. My PC runneth over with exceptional indie titles. Bayonetta and Smash Bros will rock my Wii U, while Pokemon is set to devour the rest of my free time. Not to forget my Vita, which is still bristling with quirky Japanese imports. The moral of the story is that I don't need to buy GTA V again!

So obviously  I'll pick up the 4K-ready, mod-ready, wallet-friendly PC version next year on a deal. See y'all online for some jetski jousting.


COMMENT | GTA 5 gets First-Person mode, but is it worth buying again?

Well then, that’s one less mod the PC crowd need to worry about making, eh?

In all seriousness, our first glimpse at Los Santos in first person perspective was an impressive one. The devil is in the detail, with the new animations giving new life to player actions – from reloading guns in a firefight, to flipping a phone in front of your virtual face. Then we have the additional touches to the visuals such as the depth of field improvements, with the fight on Grove Street highlighting why the word ‘Remastered’ is justified instead of ‘now with shiner textures.’ Of course, even though an FPS mod is no longer needed, it does pave the way for another tweak involving a certain Rift from that Oculus lot. Oh yes, I’m already feeling the inevitable motion sickness from such a mod.

Meanwhile, the new content, such as Michael’s murder mystery and the Railgun weapon, are welcome additions, but it does beg the question that we here at Dealspwn have certainly not forgotten – where the hell are the heists? That said, the new FPS mode does open a whole new set of possibilities to GTAO. How about a CS-inspired mode? Or perhaps an enhanced cops vs robbers mode, beating Hardline before it even gets out the door? Admittedly that would be very similar to heists, where are the heists WHEREARETHEHEISTSUGH. Sorry, I’ll get to the point. As long as there isn’t a repeat of last year’s launch-day issues, Rockstar will be in a prime position to deliver regular fresh content, which is absolutely needed to make a (second) purchase worthwhile.

Admittedly, I’ll be waiting for the PC version to arrive because of the huge potential modding will bring, but what I’ve seen (and read) so far makes me feel the upgrade could be worth the price regardless of platform. To me, that is the most important aspect.

Also, it would be the perfect excuse for me to conduct more fisticuffs-based science. Also, more Jetski Jousting. In first person. Oh, the glorious tomfoolery.

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Veran  Nov. 5, 2014 at 12:47

The answer is NO!
Rockstar lied to us saying this enhanced edition wouldn't be coming and therefor tricked people into buying the last gen version when many would have waited a year because of the new console gen launching.
While FPS view is a nice addition, it's not worth it at full price, maybe in a Steam sale at 75% off somewhere down the line. The PC version will run at better resolutions and framerates than the underpowered PS4 anyway.
This is all a ploy to make people buy the same game twice.

Last edited by Veran, Nov. 5, 2014 at 12:49
Lekinman  Nov. 5, 2014 at 16:28

I'm one of the biggest fans of Rockstar around, but I'm not sold on this at all.

Just three years ago Rockstar was against First Person Shooters and saying they would never make one. Why the sudden change of heart?

Morover, how will this affect the online game? We just gonna get a mix of third person and fps? Then a select few are going to be kicking the asses of people who want to play the game it was originally meant. Will there be a filter? Then the fan base is fractured. You might as well have just made it into a sperate game and built an FPS from the ground up at that point. . .

CarGamingBlog  Nov. 5, 2014 at 18:26

First person driving in GTA5? Where do I sign?

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