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GTA V Gameplay Reveal Trailer - Watch It Now!

Jonathan Lester
Grand Theft Auto V, GTA V, Rockstar, trailer

GTA V Gameplay Reveal Trailer - Watch It Now!

"An Introduction To Grand Theft Auto V"

Rockstar's website may be breaking under the strain, but the GTA V gameplay debut trailer has finally made it onto the internet alive. Over the course of five action packed minutes, this new footage gives us a detailed look at the three-character gameplay, heists, vehicles, hunting, economy, voyeurism, pastimes, police chases, real estate and good old fashioned violence. That said, it's effectively just a closer examination of the previously-released gameplay details back in May.

Go watch it after the break. GTA V is out on September 17th worldwide for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Late  Jul. 9, 2013 at 15:29

lol @ the sports. Nice addition though - beats arcade machines/pool/etc.

I know you guys weren't terribly excited about GTA:V, in articles and podcasts a few months back (Carl in particular, if memory serves). Has that changed?
I think it's looking fantastic.

JonLester  Jul. 9, 2013 at 15:33

I think it's less about not being excited and more a case of needing more actual gameplay before making a judgement call. We've been burned a few times over these last few months. ;)

Personally, I think this latest trailer was pretty damn impressive - it was great to finally see the three character gameplay in action. The Gunplay also looks very similar to RDR, which can't be a bad thing. Also planes.

CarlPhillips  Jul. 9, 2013 at 15:49

I know you guys weren't terribly excited about GTA:V, in articles and podcasts a few months back (Carl in particular, if memory serves). Has that changed?

As Jon pointed out, it was more about curbing my enthusiasm and avoiding getting caught up in the hype. As I explained in an article a few months back, I just didn't want to get caught up in the shiny-looking hype without seeing gameplay first.

Now in fairness, we didn't actually get any new info from this trailer, what we saw was the press articles from May in action, but let's get to the actual question:

Has my opinion changed?

Well, after seeing the sheer scale of the game world, the wealth of options for spending your hard-earned / stolen money, the detail in the activities you can take part in, and seeing the character-jumping mechanic in action, I'd say GTA V is looking mighty impressive right about now.

Sure, there's the risk it could handle like a dying mule once I get hands-on, but I think the chances of that happening are rather remote. In short, most of my fears have been dealt with thanks to this trailer.

stevenjameshyde  Jul. 9, 2013 at 16:05

I agree with Carl. I was approaching the game with trepidation having been disappointed by GTA4, but the shooting looks good, the driving looks good, the character-swap mechanic looks like it might actually add something to the experience rather than being an innovation for innovation's sake

The sports and hunting look pretty superfluous, and there's always the possibility that the entire experience could be ruined by an overly-needy virtual cousin, but for the moment a lot of my fundamental fears have been addressed

MattGardner  Jul. 9, 2013 at 20:49

My biggest fear has always been the missions themselves. Rockstar have traditionally been very good, possibly the best in the business, at creating compelling game worlds. But the ways in which you can interact with those world have often actually been very limited, and the mission structures that we've seen from GTA have barely evolved at all.

This, however, is very intriguing. Seeing the three-man switching in action conjures up some tantalising possibilities. The emphasis on player agency when it comes to heists is probably the thing that excites me most. Customising a character or a car is not special, it's expected these days. But non-linear mission structures that depend on player planning, choice, and execution? That's absolutely my jam.

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