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GTA V Trailer Blowout: Things We Can Infer from Rockstar's Little Teaser

Matt Gardner
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GTA V Trailer Blowout: Things We Can Infer from Rockstar's Little Teaser

It's here, it's happened. Rockstar have dropped their official reveal trailer for GTA V and you can watch it right here. There was a blissful calm just after the trailer where we stood in reflective thought, and then a fat man down on the street belched loudly, shouted obscenities at a mailman and shattered the reverie. Now it's time to unpack the trailer and see what juicy tidbits we can infer from the reveal.

We're Going Back To San Andreas

The San Andreas beach front makes an appearance early on, there's a glimpse of some gangbanging hoodlums in an area that looks much like the Los Santos neighbourhood in which you began your adventure as CJ back in 2004. The real kicker? That familiar Vinewood sign near the end of the video.

This Ain't No Period Piece

For a split second I thought we were looking at a possible Vice City 2, but alas it was not to be. No matter, GTA V appears to be grounded very much in the modern day. The buildings, the cars and the clothes shrieking a 21st century look and feel.

Some Serious Subject Matter?

You can add glimpses of economic difficulty into the mix too - derelict homes, destitute homeless, people begging on the streets - and the mirror of a modern-day Los Angeles is striking: glitz, glamour and grief. Could we see Rockstar take on the recession in this game? Perhaps.

Dipping Our Toes Into The Property Market?

There's a guy in the trailer hammering a 'For Sale' sign into the ground outsie his house. Now it could be indicative of the above, but what if we could invest in a little property this time around and defend our castles with pistol-packing minions when unsavoury types come a-knocking.

There Are Jets

GTA V already managed to steal some of Battlefield 3's thunder earlier this week, and now it looks like there could well be jets to jump into in Rockstar's newest opus. We saw a biplane out in fields, but what's that on the stroke of one minute? Oh yes. It's a jet, baby! They're back, and we want to be able to pilot them.

We Can Do An Andy Powell

Welsh rugby star Andy Powell got arrested for being drunkenly behind the wheel of a golf buggy a couple of years back. Well we haven't been able to do that in a GTA game since Vice City. But the eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed a little unattended bundle of temptation in the brief shot of the golf course. You'd better believe we'll be stealing that badboy and taking it for a spin.

Mountaineering Up Chilead

One thing's for sure...that trailer was pretty pretty. Witha nice shot of some hikers braving San Andreas' famous Mt. Chilead. Imagine base jumping off the top of a mountain. Achievement unlocked.

Plot Involves An Escape From A Life Of Crime...And Babies?

Family hasn't really come into the GTA series before. But our faceless narrator mentions the desire to escape a life of crime and become a father, the former being the impetus for his initial move to the West Coast. If that suspect looking exterminator van and bunch of costumed miscreants robbing a bank is anything to go by, that'll probably go tits up.

What did you guys think of the trailer? Are you psyched? Disappointed? We want to know your thoughts. Hit us up in the box below.

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aseddon130  Nov. 2, 2011 at 17:05


jk12324  Nov. 2, 2011 at 17:13

Since the guy said the trailer would be 1:04 long and it's really 1:24, I think it's safe to disregard the spoilers that were "leaked" a few days ago?

EvoFq3o0  Nov. 2, 2011 at 17:43

Nice!!! well looking forward to this, wish they stamped a date on the end of the trailer though. not looking forward to playing an over the hill character but still will be a game to have.

Trailer was the PC version? graphics look too polished for a console - maybe optimised for PC first then console second, benefiting from dice's technique? I hope so :)

Last edited by EvoFq3o0, Nov. 2, 2011 at 17:44
EvoFq3o0  Nov. 2, 2011 at 17:47

second thoughts, just watched in full screen this time round, maybe a console trailer after all :\

t800act  Nov. 2, 2011 at 18:48

When when when when ?

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